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CYBER10 Listen & Download

CYBER10 is a net-label ran by Emerson Olaf which publishes bands and produces free-download music compilations in styles as Metal, Gothic, Synthpop, Neo-Folk, Electronic Music and Indie. 


Epic Church 
(Synthrock, Medieval, Futurepop)   Epic Church Facebook

Epic Church is a music project started in 2010 with the meaning of covering topics as faith and reason, tradition and technology. The music style, in the same directions of the topics, blends future and past, with influences of medieval and gothic music, also electronic and rock.

Epic Church's Discography

Epic Church (2010)
"This first album sums up a little of my experience in music. I tried to gather elements that I'm personally interested, such as philosophy, faith, technology, sci-fi, elements of post-modernism and dystopia and others. My respect for tradition and my concerns and interest in modernity and technology are put together, which most characterizes the work of Epic Church".

The Genevan Psalter (2013)
This is a music project meant to to make versions of the melodies of the Genevan Psalter, a collection of 126 melodies for singing the Psalms of the Bible. The book was organized by Reformed Christians and the melodies were composed between 1539 and 1562, in Geneva, Switzerland, by request of John Calvin. The versions here are "Epic Church like", meaning that they are electronic, possibly having a gothic and medieval touch. 

Highborn Spirit (2015)
Highborn Spirit was totally produced by Emerson Olaf, a technically simple album but full of ideas and principles, as he describes it. The project shows its synthpop-electro rock face again, but keeping the medieval-electro songs. Future and Past, Philosophy and Faith, mixes as those ones you will find in this album.

Música do Império (2016)
This EP has electronic versions for compositions only from the time when Brazil was an Empire (1822-1899)

Epic Church (compilations 2016)
The first release of Epic Church was in 2010 and three versions of compilations were made (for Spotify, for Amazon, for physical CD) and those gather the first songs, versions and bonuses in melodic and energetic sequences, with the typical touch of Epic Church which is the mix of past and future, tradition and technology, reason and faith. It is suggested for the fans of: VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Qntal, Unheilig, Sci-Fi, Covenant, Icon of Coil, New Order, Depeche Mode, Diary of Dreams, Blutengel, E Nomine, John Dowland, Romanticism, Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner, The Matrix, Early Music, Narsilion, Elane, Eternity Range, Funker Vogt, Harry, Angelzoom



Christian Electronic: Medieval & Classical (2016)
This is a special compilation album of Epic Church which has only classical and medieval Christian songs in the typical Epic Church style (a kind of gothic ethereal electronic). The Psalm songs in the album are from the first protestant hymnal named The Genevan Psalter (made by request of John Calvin), there are two Christmas songs, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" which had Charles Wesley, George Whitefield, Felix Mendelssohn and William H. Cummings involved in the process of composition, "O Come, All Ye Faithful" (here in Latin as Adeste Fideles) is a Christmas carol which has been attributed to various authors, including John Francis Wade, John Reading and King João IV of Portugal. "Abide With Me" by Scottish Anglican Henry Francis Lyte, "Domine Jesu" by Brazilian José Maurício Nunes Garcia, "Gloria In Excelsis Deo" by Marcos António Portugal and "Laudate Omnes Gentes" of anonymous composition.

Holy Cross
(Melodic / Gothic Metal) 

Holy Cross is a metal band from São Paulo, formed in 2001 by Emerson Olaf and Bruno Zubi. The band released a demo cd in 2002 with the name MEDIEVAL HEART with 3 tracks influenced by gothic and medieval ambience. After just a few concerts, the band stopped playing. Some songs in portuguese were made, but never recorded. Holy Cross became active again only in 2011, recording a new album named VATERLAND, a release that keeps the band inside of the medieval ambience but now with elements of epic, symphonic and neo-classical metal and still with some gothic touch.

Vaterland (2011)


Guerreiros Paulistas
(Rock / Industrial / Martial Neo Folk) Guerreiros Paulistas Facebook

Guerreiros Paulistas was formed in 2006 with the meaning of sharing and promoting the Paulista Culture and History with different styles from Rock to Electronic music. The first demo was released in 2006.

Guerreiros Paulistas' Discography

Avante (2008)
After the demo songs about 2006, "Avante" is the album that puts in practice the ideas had for Guerreiros Paulistas. The album's theme is the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 and all the songs are full of History and Culture.

We Fight Together (2010)
This is album is named "We Fight Together" because it's not focused only on São Paulo this time, but in Brazil during the World War II as Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB) . The album cover has Estaiada Bridge which is in São Paulo City and has as well a flag similar to the one used during the Paulista Revolutin in 1932 but with a soldier, representing all the Paulistas who fought on the Second World War with their Lusophone brothers from other States of Brazil in Italy against the German Army.

São Paulo National State (2011) 
Neste CD nós criamos uma História Alternativa (que é um gênero da ficção científica) pra São Paulo e seu mundo ao redor. Em um futuro próximo, os países socialistas latino-americanos ganham força em detrimento da decadência moral européia e norte-americana, que cada vez mais rejeitaram e acabaram por aniquilar sua forma de pensar tradicional com políticas liberais de esquerda e imigrações desenfreadas. No Brasil o ambiente se torna perigoso quando, mais e mais, cresce a tensão entre liberais de esquerda e conservadores. Quando o governo centralizador de Brasília começa a, definitivamente e oficialmente, se aproximar dos líderes socialistas vizinhos, eclode uma reação forte dos conservadores e econômico-liberais (apoiados por alguns setores do Exército, Polícias locais e conservadores norte-americanos). Brasília se desestabiliza e iniciam-se momentos de caos até que finalmente se assina um novo tratado onde se formam os Estados Confederados do Brasil, dando liberdade para que cada Estado tome sua posição sobre incorporar as políticas socialistas ou seguir outros rumos. São Paulo (agora Estado Nacional de São Paulo) e mais alguns Estados da Confederação se mantém não-socialistas e inicia-se um estado de Guerra Fria que dura por volta de 10 anos quando, por fim, os socialistas começam o ataque para terminar de conquistar os Estados não-socialistas que restaram. 
For this album we created an Alternative History (which is a genre of sci-fi) for São Paulo and its surroundings. In a near future, the socialist Latin-American countries gain power over the moral decadence of Europe and the USA that more and more reject and ended up annihilating their traditional way of thinking with left-liberal politics and uncontrolled immigration. In Brazil the ambient get dangerous when the tension between left-liberals and conservatives grows increasingly. When the centralizing government of the capital Brasília gets definitively and officially closer to the socialist neighbour countries a reaction conflict starts strongly initiated by conservatives and liberal-economists (supported by some sectors of the Army, Local Polices and the North-American Conservatives). The capital Brasília destabilizes and moments of chaos start until a treaty is finally signed forming the Estados Confederados do Brasil (Confederated States of Brazil), setting all the States free to decide if they will be socialists or follow another path. São Paulo (now São Paulo National State) and some other States remain non-socialists and then a kind of Cold War start lasting about 10 year when suddenly the socialists start an attack to finish conquering the remaining non-socialist States of the Confederation.

 Identidade Paulista (2014)
This is the most experimental album we've done until the moment due to the daring (maybe dangerous) mixture of styles. Because of its title "Identidade Paulista" (Paulista Identity) we bring some elements of folk music and we work with facts that form such Identity. Versions of songs and historical audio are also included because they are our typical mark. The cover is an altered version of the "Wanderer Above The Sea of Fog" of the German Romanticist painter Caspar David Friedrich from the 19th Century.

Histórias de São Paulo (2016)
Histórias de São Paulo é um EP com algumas faixas bonus e outras idéias do projeto em uma forma de comemoração pelos 10 anos de Guerreiros Paulistas. Por ser uma mistura de faixas os estilos estão bem variados, contendo rock, neo folk, ambient e a sempre presente influência eletrônica. 
Histórias de São Paulo (Stories of São Paulo) is an EP with bonus tracks and another ideas in a form of commemoration for the 10 years of Guerreiros Paulistas. Because the album is a mix of tracks, the styles are too varied, containing rock, neo folk, ambient and as always an influence of electronic music. 

Guerreiros Paulistas (compilation 2017)
This is a compilation of the best songs made by the project, some in new versions and some others remastered.

(Eurodance / Electro / Synth Rock) Gunstar Music Facebook
Gunstar Music is a project from São Paulo City with the idea of independent and non-mainstream electronic music, usually with theme albums plus some mashups and remixes.

Earth Against Cyber Intruders (2008)
The second release but first full-length album of Gunstar Music has a very interesting sci-fi story for it's a concept album with tracks in styles as electro-rock, trance, eurodance and techno. It's a typical space sci-fi story, with a retro and cheesy touch, very fun for the fans of the genre. 
The Plot: 
"In the future the planet Earth is still trying to solve its problems although the progress achieved when suddenly the humanity is threatened by an invasion. It takes time to define what exactly are those invaders, robots, machine, cyborgs? Soon they start to be popularly called cyber-intruders and they surely don't come in peace..."

São Paulo Football Club (2010)
A idéia deste projeto foi reunir todas as músicas que já produzimos sobre o São Paulo Futebol Clube, desde a primeira feita em 2007 até as mais recentes feitas em 2010. 
The idea of this project was to gather all the songs we have already produced about the Brazilian football team named São Paulo Futebol Clube.

Mega Drive (2013)
This is an EP which intends to make versions of songs of Sega Genesis games, classic from the 90's. The album name is Mega Drive, which is the name of the Sega Genesis in Brazil. In a matter of style, Mega Drive has songs mainly in Rock/Metal style with a lot of Synth sounds but two songs are acoustic-like, even without drums. 
”Since my childhood I’ve been a big fan of video game music. I was amazed at all that sounds of synths, blips and chips that were put into melody. I was lucky enough to start with an atari but later on with my sega genesis I used to record those songs in tapes and then listen to them while playing with my action figures. Now I’m glad to make a long time dream come true, which was to mix video game music with rock, metal with an electronic and powerful beat. It might be usual nowadays but back then this mix was a dream for the gamers. I hope you enjoy and identify to it”

Retro Future Vaporwave (2017)
This time Gunstar Music ventured itself deep in the synth & sampled music and came out with this EP of retro design and songs resembling the 80's.


Metal Storm (Series of Compilation)
It's a series of compilation which has songs in styles as Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Melodic Metal, Power Metal and Epic Metal. The first release of this series came to life in 2011.

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Keepers of The Cross (2011)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - The Epic Tales (2011)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Finland Brazil (2011)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Keepers of the Cross II (2012)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Female Fronted Metal (2012)

CYBER10 Metal Storm VI (2013)

CYBER10 Metal Storm VII (2015)

CYBER10 Pindamonhangaba Metal (2015)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Christian Metal From São Paulo (2015)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Keepers of the Cross III (2017)

Extreme (Series of Compilation)
It's a series of compilation which has songs in styles as Death Metal, Folk Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal and any Extreme Metal. The first release of this series came to life in 2011.

CYBER10 Extreme (2011)

CYBER10 Extreme II (2011)

CYBER10 Extreme III (2013)

Militia Folk (Series of Compilation)
It's a series of compilation which has songs in styles as Neo Folk, Neo Classical, Ethereal, Military Pop, Martial Electro and Apocalyptic Folk.

CYBER10 Militia Folk (2015)

Elektro Sektor (Series of Compilation)
It's a series of compilation which has songs in styles as Synthpop, Futurepop, Electro, Industrial, EBM, Electro Rock

CYBER10 Elektro Sektor I (2010)

CYBER10 Elektro Sektor II (2011)

CYBER10 Elektro Sektor III (2011)

CYBER10 Elektro Sektor IV - Das Electrorock (2011) 

CYBER10 Pindamonhangaba Electro (2015)

Dark Nights (Series of Compilation)
It's a series of compilation which has songs in styles as Gothic, Darkwave, Electrogoth, Ethereal, Gothic Rock and Metal.

CYBER10 Dark Nights - Christian Gothic From Brazil (2010)

CYBER10 Dark Nights II - A Gothic Compilation (2011)

CYBER10 Dark Nights 3 (2013)

Alternative Mixtape (Series of Compilation)
It's a series of compilation which has songs in styles as Indie, Alternative Pop, Alternative Rock, Adult Pop and Piano Pop.

CYBER10 Alternative Mixtape (2011)

CYBER10 Pindamonhangaba Indie Pop (2015)

Energy (Series of Compilation)
It's a series of compilation which has songs in styles as Eurodance, Trance, Hardcore, Gabber, Hardstyle and Italo Dance.

CYBER10 Energy (2011)

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