Thursday, 10 April 2008

Gunstar Music - Earth Against Cyber-Intruders (2008)

sci-fi alternative history christian future dystopia utopia fiction eurodance rock dance ejay electrorock trance gothic paulista são paulo brazil
The second release but first full-length album of Gunstar Music has a very interesting sci-fi story for it's a concept album with tracks in styles as electro-rock, trance, eurodance and techno. It's a typical space sci-fi story, with a retro and cheesy touch, very fun for the fans of the genre.

The Plot:
"In the future Earth is still trying to solve its problems and although some progress has been achieved humans face the sudden threat of an invasion. It takes time to define what exactly are those invaders. Aliens? Robots? Soon they are popularly known as "cyber-intruders" and they surely don't come in peace..."

16 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:14
Playlist length: 51 minutes 45 seconds
Playlist files:
1. Gunstar Music - Destination: Solar System (3:11)
2. Gunstar Music - The Attack of the Cyber-Intruders (2:44)
3. Gunstar Music - The Space Battle (2:48)
4. Gunstar Music - We Will To Destroy (5:01)
5. Gunstar Music - Landing On Earth (3:52)
6. Gunstar Music - Intruder's Dictatorship (3:30)
7. Gunstar Music - Cyber-Psychobilly In An Intruder's Celebration (1:55)
8. Gunstar Music - Earth Must remember Its Creator (4:16)
9. Gunstar Music - Riding On The New Wasted Lands (BFC) (2:15)
10. Gunstar Music - Congregating The Troop Of The Human Beings (4:13)
11. Gunstar Music - The Infitration (Acid Tribal) (3:01)
12. Gunstar Music - The Assault (1:40)
13. Gunstar Music - The Victorious Counterattack of the Earth (3:52)
14. Gunstar Music - The New Dawn (Defeat Of The Intruders) (3:23)
15. Gunstar Music - Future Nations (3:02)
16. Gunstar Music - Dream In Trance (The New World) (3:02)


Gunstar Music - The Attack of the Cyber-Intruders (2:44)

Gunstar Music - The Space Battle (2:48)

Gunstar Music - We will to destroy (5:01)

Gunstar Music - Intruder's Dictatorship (3:30)

Gunstar Music - Cyber-psychobilly in an Intruder's celebration (1:55)

Gunstar Music - Earth must remember its Creator (4:16)

Gunstar Music - Congregating the troop of the human beings (4:13)

Gunstar Music - The Victorious Counterattack of the Earth (3:52)

Gunstar Music - New Dawn (3:23)

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