Thursday, 3 February 2011

CYBER10 Metal Storm - The Epic Tales

The second volume of Metal Storm brings great metal bands and mostly of them related somehow with battle, epic and fantasy themes. The sequence of songs is a real journey into that world, starting with Holy Knights, a melodic power metal from Italy and ending with Странник in a Tolkien influenced song.

Asgardão (Finland)
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The power of Metal in great fantasy themes, this is Asgardão, the finnish one man project from Turku. To create that power melodies, Asgardão has as influences Vangelis, Iron Maiden, Conan The Barbarian, Manowar and many others.

Странник (Russia)
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Странник, which means "Wanderer" it's the russian ex- faust band project. The song "Returning in Rivendell" chosen for this compilation was based in the Lord of the Rings.

Holy Knights (Italy)
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The band was created in 1998. They recorded the demo "Gate Through The Past" at Studio Blu in Palermo. The band have received good reviews and then signed with Underground Symphony. The guitarist and bassist Federico Sly were added to the group. In November 2000 they entered at Zenith Lucca Studios to record their first album, Gate Through The Past. The album was completed at Finnvox studios in early 2001.

Excess Pressure (Germany)
In 2001, Bavaria (Germany) Mike Roth started a power metal band named Excess Pressure. All this pressure is discharged in a powerfull melodic metal, with fast drums, brilliant tapping solos and great vocal melodies.

Blood Covenant (Armenia)
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This band from Armenia was formed in 2001 as Iron Cross, playing in the death/trash style, after some changes the name Blood Covenant was adopted and also the Symphonic Black Metal. Lyrical themes are God and the sacrifice of Jesus. Some of the influeces for the band are Extol, Selechtvalk and Crimson Moonlight.

Garegin (Armenia)
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Garegin is the member (drummer) of the metal band Blood Covenant. This is his solo work, his first solo album in the style of instrumental progressive metal with symphonic elements and jazz, with nice solos. Garegin is a multi-instrumentalist, he plays the guitar and has also some skills playing the keyboard.

Nirah (Poland)
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Nirah was formed in 2007, they got a self released album named "Wadi El-Muluk". During that time they were performing many concerts and they have made a cover of an Iron Maiden song. Nowadays they got some new members and a new album is planned.

Immortal Choir (Brazil)
Immortal Choir is a heavy metal band from Manaus, the capital of Brazilian Amazon Forest.
The band was was formed in 2000 and the initial aim was mixing influences of traditional heavy metal with great chorus and choirs (what is the reason of the band’s name).

8 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:47
Playlist length: 38 minutes 20 seconds

Playlist files:

1. Holy Knights - Gate Through The Past (6:16)
2. Excess Pressure - Stormbringer (5:36)
3. Blood Covenant - Holy Sanctuary (5:46)
4. Asgardão - Dream of Glory (4:21)
5. Garegin - Anticrisis (3:56)
6. Immortal Choir - Beyond the Mist (5:40)
7. Nirah - Wiedźma (3:45)
8. Странник - Returning in Rivendell (3:00)

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