Tuesday, 14 August 2012

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Keepers Of The Cross II


CYBER10 Keepers Of The Cross compilation is back with great metal bands in the Christian genre. Some facts must be pointed here: This is first participation of bands from Honduras (Soter) and Mexico (Carlos Osnaya). The band Maestah has it's first single included here as well the guitarist Joabe Vasconcelos who has his first official song included in this compilation. The art cover was taken from a TV miniseries named "Pillars Of The Earth" which was based on the novel of the same name by Ken Follet.

10 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:57
Playlist length: 49 minutes 39 seconds 

Playlist files:

1. Dynasty - Bloody War (4:28)
2. Amos - Pentecost (6:51)
3. Maestah - The Pilgrim (5:39)
4. Carlos Osnaya - Dueto In Adoration (3:42)
5. Clean Heart - Time To War (4:46)
6. C-Force - Up to Heaven (4:52)
7. Soter - Hueste Celestial (5:15)
8. Joabe Vasconcelos - Spiritual Mind (4:14)
9. Tryumphall - Illuminati New World Order (4:25)
10. Holy Cross - Medieval Heart (second version) (5:27)

Amos (Brazil)
The band started in 1994, in Campo Grande / MS - Brazil, with Doom Metal as initial music tendence. After some changes in the line up, the band start to compose new songs that in 1999 could be recorded with a better quality, resulting in the first album called "Gothic Soul". At this time, influenced by Heavy Metal, but not losing the Gothic and Doom Metal influences, keeping melody and feeling in the songs. This album had a good rate by brazilian especialized media, and a lot of publishings in USA and Europa. At last the band re-released "Gothic Soul", remasterized, including 3 bonus tracks. In 2005 the band release your second allbum called A matter of time (Bombworks Records-EUA) and in 2006 release the EP Lost Essence.

Dynasty (Brazil)
Internationally known for the album "Motus Perpetuus", Dynasty hasn't stop. The band from Minas Gerais,  has a new album named "Warriors of the King" a great heavy/power metal record. Dynasty takes part in this compilation with the song Bloody War, a Helloween-like song, for the lovers of melodic power metal

Clean Heart (Brazil)
Last FM
Clean Heart makes heavy metal with some power/melodic influences. Samuel, the soul of the band, is, at the same time, the guitarrist and vocalist and their concerts are usually full of energy. This brazilian band has only a demo release named “Fight In The Name of God” with 4 tracks.

Joabe Vasconcelos (Brazil)
Last FM
Joabe has been playing guitar for 20 years, also playing in many bands. His influences are mainly from the 80's as Van Halen, Steve Vai, Ritchie Blackmore, among others. He is the guitarist for the singer Ton Carfi in the First Anointed Reunion Live, touring and recording. Joabe nowadays is also playing in a gospel band and taking a licentiate course in Music at Faccamp University. The song Spiritual Mind was recorded exclusively for this compilation at QG Studio (São Paulo, Brazil) with the support of Sérgio Ramos and Marcos Costa.

Carlos Osnaya (Mexico)
Osnaya is a Mexican-American neo-classical metal guitarist, composer and arranger. At the age of 16, he became part of the Difrent bands of mexico. He is well known in the South and North American, Asian and European hard rock/metal scene. He toured the globe with his band Exousia, which is an extreme metal band with christian lyrics.

Maestah (Brazil)
After a time when Celso de Freyn (singer of Seven Horizons) came from Italy to Brazil for personal reasons, he decided to start a new project. He has been playing with a new band for quite a time but now de Freyn decided it was time to spread the news about the band for they got their first single released, which is the one included in this compilation.

Soter (Honduras)
Soter started in 1996 and after many member changes, they released, a few time ago, the album Eterno Silencio. The song in this compilation is a cover version of the band Azeta, from Chile.

Tryumphall (Brazil)
Hailing from a place in Brazil which is not well on the metal scene (Vitória da Conquista), Tryumphall stands strong on a power melodic metal sound, influenced as well by progressive styles.

C-Force (Finland)
Last FM
The band was formed in the early 00's and has a demo EP containing 3 songs. C-Force is influenced by bands as Stratovarius, Helloween and the essential of the Melodic Power Metal.

Holy Cross (Brazil)
Youtube Video
Holy Cross is a metal band from São Paulo, formed in 2001. The band released a demo cd in 2002 with the name MEDIEVAL HEART with 3 tracks influenced by gothic and medieval ambience. After just a few concerts, the band stopped playing. Some songs in portuguese were made, but never recorded. Holy Cross became active again only in 2011, recording a new album named VATERLAND, a release that keeps the band inside of the medieval ambience but now with elements of epic, symphonic and neo-classical metal and still with a gothic touch.