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CYBER10 Militia Folk

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For a long time we've been talking to ambient, ethereal, neo folk, martial, noise artists but they never had the chance to be included in one compilation because they don't fit in the other compilation series. So now we could gather them all in one new series named Militia Folk. As usual, there are musicians from many parts of the world and the playlist was carefully selected and sequenced for full enjoyment. The compilation starts with the martial melodies of Hochkultur and it finishes with the dark ambience of Gorium, passing through songs of inner reflection and folk tendencies. Once listening, prepare yourself for a whole new ambient and have a nice trip.

10 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:55
Playlist length: 39 minutes 12 seconds

Playlist files:

1. Hochkultur - Traditionalisten und Technologische (2:52)
2. Guerreiros Paulistas - The March Of The Soldier (3:52)
3. Letzte Ausfahrt Leben - Spieluhr Melodie Noir (4:13)
4. Epic Church - Villa-Lobos Principium Sapientiae (2:02)
5. Dreamerion - For No Reason (2:07)
6. TSIDMZ - Terrae Motus (5:53)
7. A Lifetime Of Trials - Lullaby To Emptiness (4:19)
8. Langemarck - Sieben Gebirge (Drachenfels Version) (4:08)
9. Centauro Del Norte - Yeztli Chicahuac (3:30)
10. Gorium - Follow The Dead Rabbit (6:16)

Letzte Ausfahrt Leben (Germany)
Letzte Ausfahrt Leben (L.A.L in short) was founded in August 2008 to express new musical ways and turning the deepest feelings inside out. Supported by various guest musicians you can expect a wide range of different musical styles, mixed together, processed, rebuild and made to something new.

TSIDMZ  (Italy)
TSIDMZ (ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit) is an Italian post-atomic/electro-martial project with numerous influences from various genres within the field of Electronic Music. It was born and conceived between 2002 and 2007 (the year when it was first produced). Its purpose is to be as eclectic as possible while remaining faithful to its aim. For this reason TSIDMZ has always been involved in collaborations with other musicians, including appearances and track collaborations etc and will always continue along this working template.TSIDMZ has signed and released with musical labels as: Old Europa Café, Ufa Muzak, SkullLine and much more. They are also part of the EAA.

Centauro Del Norte (Mexico)
The name of this Mexican martial dark noise project means The Centaur of the North, which was the nickname of Pancho Villa, a National figure from Mexico. The song "Yeztli chicahuac" that features in this compilation means "strong blood" in Náhuatl language, in honour to the strength and majesty of the forefathers.

Langemarck (Germany)
The Dark Ambient / Apocalyptic Pop project was founded on 1 March 2001 in Bonn, Germany. It aims to produce lovely string-tunes, martial drums and heavenly soundscapes, just the soundtrack for an rainy autum day. Langemarck is part of a great neo-folk compilation named Neo-Form.

Guerreiros Paulistas (São Paulo)
Music project meant to spread the Paulista Culture, Identity and History using musical elements of styles as Martial Neo Folk, Industrial, Rock, Metal.

Epic Church (São Paulo)
Epic Church is meant to blend faith and reason, tradition and technology, reality and fiction, resulting in songs full of gothic, medieval and electronic influences.

Dreamerion (Poland)
Dreamerion is a one-man project of Jakub Ernestowicz that was formed in 2004. Music of the project revolves around such music genres as dark ambient, gothic, neoclassiacal with elements of rock, or metal. Sounds created by Dreamerion are dark, melancholic with often nostalgic atmosphere.The project is an outlet for the imagination, dreams and existential questions which bluntly and openly talk about what causes suffering and fear, to tame a man with fears, pain, and moments that are inevitable.

Gorium (Mato Grosso)
Th idea for Gorium started in 2007 and developed in 2008, with Dark Ambient songs. In its early beginning it had the opportunity to be part of a compilation organized by Necromusick, opportunity that happened again a couple of times, what helped Gorium to grow more and more. "My music and I are one, it completes me, its my essence, my soul. A harmony in the destruction, a ritual of noises, this is Gorium" says André, the man behind the project. 

A Lifetime Of Trials (São Paulo)
Last FM
This is the dark ambient / neo folk project of Ricardo Santos, from São Paulo. Ricardo is involved in some other very interesting projects as The Downward Path, In Auroram and even playing with Hansen at H.A.R.R.Y. And The Addict, among others projects.

Hochkultur (Germany)
Last FM
This mysterious, and probably German, project works with neo-folk and martial music, praising the Western Culture, its values and tradition.

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