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CYBER10 Dark Nights

This is the second volume of CYBER10 Dark Nights. This time I bring to you a great sequence of songs including darkwave, electrogoth, gothic rock and gothic doom. Great bands from Europe and America in an album full of melody and feeling, one of the best albums I could produce so far. 

The Beckoning (Canada)
The Beckoning is an avant-Garde/Goth-Metal band from Eastern Canada that fuses the groove and agression of extreme Metal with the majestic ambience of Gothic soundscapes. The band's sound is as unorthodox as it is authentic.

Fatal Exposure (Germany)
Fatal Exposure is a project from Germany which released two Depeche Mode covers "Here is the House" and "But Not Tonight" for Depeche Mode Cover Tributes. The style is mainly electro, with elements of futurepop and EBM. Ein Augenblick is the name of the EP including that two cover songs plus two more songs of his authorship.

Eternity Range (Sweden)
Eternity Range was formed in the year 2000 by Andreas Rimheden and Marie Hagelqvist from the industrial band Morticians, to provide a forum for the much more serious and soft music the couple had been making lately. They mix influences from harsh, cold industrial with synthpop to create a dark, emotional type of music. They have released two albums so far and a third is on the way.

Epic Church (São Paulo)
Epic Church was created with the meaning of putting together many elements like technology, faith, romanticism, electro music, medieval music among others. From São Paulo, Emerson Olaf, the only member, has produced everything on the project, releasing the first album named Epic Church (2010) and Epic Church 2.0 (2010) with different versions of the first album. The project has some versions of medieval and romantic era songs and is planned now a second album to the middle of 2011.

Stillife (Russia)
In late December 1998 Stan_I. and M.S. got an idea of the project's foundation. Two winters had passed and at the end of the year 2000 the idea found its embodiment in the recording of "Raining December" debut album. Eternal themes of love, loneliness and human tragedy exposed in the album present the pattern of true darkwave, one of the few Russian albums, which hardly complies to Western colleagues

Andy Livid (Finland)
Andy Livid is a one man home-made project, started in summer of 2003. I focus on dark, melancholic and melodic electronic music. He says: My style varies somewhere between 80´s darkwave/synthpop to EBM and futurepop. I’m some kind of die-hard tracker musician, because I still make all my stuff with a tracker software. Early works sounds a little bit more tracker-like than the latest ones, maybe because of the technical improvement. However the same atmosphere and mood has been remained throughout the years. My music is made with non-commercial purpose, primarily it’s for my own pleasure. But to my delight I’ve noticed there are some people who finds the same beauty of sadness in it.

Helevorn (Spain)
The band started in 1999 in Palma de Mallorca. With the first finished songs they recorded a promo cd called “Prelude” in winter of 2000. It was their presentation letter, written with a Gothic-Doom style and with a very good acceptance in the underground press. 2009 means the recording of the second studio album “Forthcoming Displeasures”, recorded in March at Urban Studios in Palma (Spain), produced by Jens Bogren and Johan Ornborg, also producers of bands like KATATONIA, OPETH, DRACONIAN, PARADISE LOST, etc...taking an important step in the musical style, emphasizing a more intense and heavy sound, being more forceful, without a doubt it will be the Doomest work that HELEVORN has never done. The album artwork its being made by Robert Høyem (, a Norwegian artist who knows perfectly how to transmit Helevorn’s new concept. The russian label BadMoodMan Music released the album on February 2010, getting excellent reviews until the present day.

Seduced By Suicide (Rio Grande do Sul)
Seduced by Suicide is Earth’s (also a Blood Tears’ member) gothic rock project formed in the end of 2004 under the influences of The Sisters of Mercy, HIM, David Bowie, Garbage, Type O Negative, Poisonblack, Marilyn Manson as well many other icons of dark/gothic music. During the second half of 2005, Seduced by Suicide worked in the production of Gothic Dream, the band’s first MCD, with five new songs, released in January/2006. Earth is now working in the process of writing new songs for Seduced by Suicide.

The Eternal Chapter (South Africa)
The Eternal Chapter was a traditional gothic rock band from Johannesburg in South Africa. It was a labour of love for three musicians who were inspired by the sounds of good old fashioned goth in the face of the EBM onslaught that engulfed the underground scene. The band started in 1996 when Jaco V and Michael T came together to to let off some steam. They were then joined by vocalist Thomas W in 1997. Over time, the band became more than just a hobby and produced a demo album and contributed to several international compilations. Live gigs came as did tours to Cape Town. Unfortunately the band never made it overseas despite several invitations. The Eternal Chapter played a live show on 5fm (one of South Africa’s national radio stations) at the request of the inimitable Barney Simon. The band broke up when Thomas went overseas to pursue his studies. A few years later Jaco V died tragically

Segor (Armenia)
The project of a Blood Covenant's member Segor. He has two solo albums, the first is a great instrumental album and in the second he is back to the symphonic black metal. To end this compilation an intro track full of strings were chosen, a gran finale.

10 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:57
Playlist length: 49 minutes 33 seconds

Playlist files:

1. Eternity Range - Music (3:49)
2. Andy Livid - Bid Farewell To Silence (4:58)
3. Helevorn - Nobody Is Waiting (5:50)
4. Seduced by Suicide - My Sweetest Choice (4:41)
5. Epic Church - Ceinwyn (Winter King Version) (5:08)
6. Fatal Exposure - Ein Augenblick (6:09)
7. Stillife - Remember Me (Rosary Mix) (4:20)
8. The Beckoning(Canada) - An Omen In The Dark (6:29)
9. The Eternal Chapter - You Can't Let Me Die (6:39)
10. Segor - Divine Love To Mankind (1:30)

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