Friday, 14 January 2011

CYBER10 Elektro Sektor II

This is the second volume of the Elektro Sektor compilation of CYBER10 (also available on LastFM). This time the range of styles is wider, covering dark electro, industrial, futurepop, electronic, ebm and some other sub-genres that can be found in the track list. As always, the projects are from several countries around the globe, starting this sequence of songs with the futurepop of Go Indigo and finishing with the dark electro of Tears of the Soul, from South America to Macedonia at Elektro Sektor II.

Reactor 7x (Poland)
The electro/ebm band was actually formed in December 2008, but used to be a solo project since 2007, in Poland. The first album is titled "Disorder” and has been recorded at the first quarter of 2009. It includes remixes made by: Controlled Collapse, Fall from Disgital, Sin Team, Tom (reactor7x's logo designer) and also the track "Cold Army” with guest vocals by Gabriel Wolf from Infra Black. 2011 will bring much more.

SV (Russia)
[sv] is the 23 years old guy from Russia who compose electronics songs. The artist highlight his industrial influences but is easy to find as well the influence of the alternative and electropunk music. The track Epic at this compilation shows one of the directions this project can drive itself.

Go Indigo (Argentina/Chile/Brazil)
This project has members from Brazil, Argentina and Chile, having the electro as main genre but classified as well as futurepop. The songs cover themes like science fiction, spirituality, solitude, miseries of earth, among others.

Tears of the Soul (Macedonia)
Gothic one man project of Martin Atanasov. Tears of the Soul can go to some other directions in it's tracks like experimental and electro, as the track selected for this compilation, "Destruction".

Gunstar Music (São Paulo)
The project was created in 2006 and since that date it's been two EPs and two albums. From São Paulo, Gunstar Music has it's name coming out of a game named Gunstar Heroes. One track of that game was remixed in the first EP (Ancient Ruins). Gunstar Music makes a sound which is a mix of eurodance, electrorock, electro and trance.

Liberty Machine (São Paulo)
Since 9 years old Gustavo were playing piano and keyboard and started to learn more about electronic music. In 2010 he started a electronic music project, having influences of electro, breakbeat, trip hop and even rock music, Gustavo wants his music to be danceable with messages of positivity. His partner, Marcia, make the vocal parts in some of the songs and she is also responsible for lyrics, ideas and translations of portuguese to english. Liberty Machine means the freedom that can be get through the electronic music, this is the feeling Gustavo intends to cause.

Tatari Gami (São Paulo)
Tatari Gami is the name of a vindictive and destructive demon of the forest. The band deals with the same gut instinct, issues such as human relationships and the relationship of man with his environment. The project has roots in the Industrial and EBM, but also has elements of Digital Hard Core, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Mangue Beat and World Music. Began in 2006 as a 358 solo project,Muse from Hell came to contribute with vocals, ideas and references in 2008 . The Tatari Gami shows has strong characterization and performance of the members on stage.

Sublimnal Code (Venezuela)
Influenced by EBM, Industrial, Gothic and Electro Sounds, Raul Junior Padron and Raul Jose Padron, from Venezuela, started a new music project named Subliminal Code in 2010. The song in this compilation is the spanish version of Lost in Loneliness.

8 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:59
Playlist length: 31 minutes 54 seconds

Playlist files:

1. Go Indigo - Victims Make Victims [Radio Edit] (3:34)
2. Reactor7x - Breath on Crack (4:11)
3. Subliminal Code - Lost In The Loneliness (spanish Version) (4:35)
4. [sv] - Epic (4:03)
5. Liberty Machine - The Air We Breathe (4:08)
6. Gunstar Music - The Attack of the Cyber-Intruders (2:44)
7. Tatari Gami - Final Resolution (4:00)
8. Tears of the Soul - Destruction (4:39)

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