Sunday, 20 February 2011

CYBER10 Elektro Sektor IV - Das Electrorock

For ages the mankind were trying to mix the electro and rock/punk sounds and many results were discovered. The fourth volume of CYBER10 Elektro Sektor brings you several experiences of music, DAS ELECTROROCK.

Complex Numbers (Russia)
Complex Numbers band from Vladivostok (Russia) was founded in 1996 by Frol Zapolsky and Victor Argonov. Initially, it was a techno-project, but in fact there are fans of different music genres - from classic to hard-rock and 8-bit game devices.

Echo No Echo (USA)
Echo No Echo is a four piece electro-rock pop group who draw heavily from influences spanning modern indie rock to 1980's synth pop. In the summer of 2006 Echo No Echo formed specifically to open up for Information Society at Portland's Crystal Ballroom. The response was outstanding and propelled the band forward with their new wave synth rock culminating with their summer 2008 debut release “Crystals”. Conjuring up sounds similar to New Order and Gary Numan, Echo No Echo presents the perfect mixture of keyboards, synths and your traditional guitar, drums and bass rock weapons.

Gunstar Music (São Paulo)
The project was created in 2006 and since that date it's been two EPs and two albums. From São Paulo, Gunstar Music has it's name coming out of a game named Gunstar Heroes. One track of that game was remixed in the first EP (Ancient Ruins). Gunstar Music makes a sound which is a mix of eurodance, electrorock, electro and trance.

Heart Shaped Hate (USA)
Heart Shaped Hate is a BFF Super Girl Duo made up of JENNA (ON DRUMS) AND NATALI (ON SYNTHESIZERS AND YELPS). It was born as a siamese-twinned, two-headed, eight-limbed creature and then divided into equal parts (except Jenna got more boobs). After the mitosic scapeling, they channeled their magical powers as a supreme girl monster into becoming the ultimate candy-trash doom machine.

Liberty Machine (São Paulo)
Since 9 years old Gustavo were playing piano and keyboard and started to learn more about electronic music. In 2010 he started a electronic music project, having influences of electro, breakbeat, trip hop and even rock music, Gustavo wants his music to be danceable with messages of positivity. His partner, Marcia, make the vocal parts in some of the songs and she is also responsible for lyrics, ideas and translations of portuguese to english. Liberty Machine means the freedom that can be get through the electronic music, this is the feeling Gustavo intends to cause.

Radio Over Moscow (New Zealand)
Radio Over Moscow is an independent ‘band’ based in Auckland, New Zealand. The debut album ‘Battletech’ was released on July 18, 2009, and the follow up, ‘Hide The Decline’, on April 23, 2010, and the third - ‘Deus Ex Robotica’ - is being released one song a fortnight throughout 2011. If nothing else, ROM sounds like a low-budget mix of Depeche Mode, Nirvana, New Order, Killers, Smashing Pumpkins, Beatles, Weezer, Human League, Manic Street Preachers, Primal Scream and Blur.

SV (Russia)
[sv] is the 23 years old guy from Russia who compose electronics songs. The artist highlight his industrial influences but is easy to find as well the influence of the alternative and electropunk music. The track Epic at this compilation shows one of the directions this project can drive itself.

Otis of Perseus (Netherlands)
Artist of musicmodules. Real name: Frans Bouma. "I’ve been in the demoscene since 1989, and on the Amiga I’ve been a member of groups like InfoCorner, Perseus, Zite, Megawatts, Dream4. On the PC I’m still a member of Infuse Project, after Perseus died." More modules have been released by Otis, but those are early releases from the beginning of his career.

Munlet (Spain)
MUNLET is a duo formed by Anita Lady Fingers (voice, synths, theremin) and Ina Herr Professor (guitar, keyboard, programming), sometimes having guests joining them. The project started in 2002, with the aim of getting a punk sound with electronic elements.

Bashed by Beauty (Germany)
Once upon a time, a creepy little creature called Frizza was living in a cold cruel world full of dirt. Because of the fact that all the other beautiful creatures were avoiding it, Frizza soon stopped speaking to them in coherent words. As time passed by, the gorgeous but mean ones got more and more furious about Frizza, who still payed no attention to their beastliness. Far from it! Little creepy Frizza slowly formed a habbit of its own kind of communication. This very day, one can just hear thoses loud, agressive and emotional noise full blazing a trail through our cruel world.

CYBER10 Elektro Sektor IV - Das Electrorock

1. Heart Shaped Hate - Haircuts (2:10)
2. Munlet - Marcapasos Zombie (4:04)
3. Liberty Machine - Real Happiness (4:22)
4. Radio Over Moscow - It's Not Worth The Pain (3:15)
5. Echo No Echo - She's a Radio (3:06)
6. Complex Numbers - КА-52 Аллигатор (3:20)
7. [sv] - The Catalyst (remix) (4:21)
8. BashdByBeauty - Out on the Street (feat. MJ) (1:26)
9. Gunstar Music - The Victorious Counterattack of the Earth (3:52)
10. Otis of Perseus - Live in Amsterdam (4:58)

Friday, 11 February 2011

CYBER10 Elektro Sektor III

The third volume of Elektro Sektor is a great selection of Electro acts, including mainly synthpop and electropop, as common in this genres songs are strongly influenced by sci-fi and 80's mentality. The album starts with synthpop and ends in the electro-ebm area.

Lesnikov-16 (Russia)
Lesnikov-16 is a Stillife (russian darkwave/synth gothic band) side-project. Using the Soviet space exploration romantics and samples from russian 70’s science fiction movies, Lesnikov-16 reveals the ironic synthpop side of Stillife members’ creation.

Floor Seven (Russia)
Floor Seven (ex-The limelight) is a band from Saint-Petersburg. The band were formed in early spring of 2007 with a name ‘The Limelight.’ In autumn of 2008 the group members decided to change their name to ‘Floor Seven.’ The singer Gleb Sparrow is known by his work at ‘The Limelight’ (Synthpop / IDM). The other members of Floor Seven Wladimir and Mikhail are known by their projects ‘Eonic’ (New Age, Ambient) and ‘N-616’ (Electro-Industrial). The sound of the group can be characterised as the mix of New Wave and Electro.

H.A.R.R.Y. and the Addict (São Paulo)
H.A.R.R.Y. and the Addict are Hansen and Ricardo Santos. Hansen comes from the band Harry and The Addicts, formed circa 1985, which was one of Brazil's first electronic acts and the first one to record a full album in the genre. Ricardo Santos is part of Downward Path, In Auroram and Von Richtofen and also act as colaborator in other projects.

Виктор Аргонов Project (Russia)
This is the Victor's solo project, he is also member of the group “Complex numbers”. The project was created in 2003 in a meaning to record the first Russian opera in the style of techno. There are two albums, one already released and other still to be finished:
"2032: The Legend of unrealized future" - work in the genre of alternate history of the Soviet Union in 2032, recorded in 2000-2007
"The Little Mermaid" - philosophical rethinking of the Little Mermaid story in today’s Russian realities, the expected production time is from 2005 to 2012.

Glejs (Sweden)
Glejs is a one man project located in the middle parts of Sweden. Ever since he was a little kid he always had a special place in his heart for music and sound. Around summer 1996 he was introduced by a friend to a shareware music program called “Fasttracker 2”… Glejs was immediatly hooked, and later that year he bought himself his first PC. Composing music quickly became his favourite hobby! These days he’s trying to concentrate his music towards the electropop-scene. Very minimal, simple and melodic. For vocals most of the time a vocoder is used. “Robots are so much cooler”, he says…

The Long Division (USA/Canada)
The Long Division is an internet collaboration between David Gonzalez (Los Angeles,California and Jef Vandertogt (Ontario, Canada). After only knowing each other for only a month, they have completed their first EP, “Multiply.” The next EP titled, “Short Trips To Space” was released in July of 08.

Andy Livid (Finland)
Andy Livid is a one man home-made project, started in summer of 2003. I focus on dark, melancholic and melodic electronic music. He says: My style varies somewhere between 80´s darkwave/synthpop to EBM and futurepop. I’m some kind of die-hard tracker musician, because I still make all my stuff with a tracker software. Early works sounds a little bit more tracker-like than the latest ones, maybe because of the technical improvement. However the same atmosphere and mood has been remained throughout the years. My music is made with non-commercial purpose, primarily it’s for my own pleasure. But to my delight I’ve noticed there are some people who finds the same beauty of sadness in it.

Odd Year (USA)
Odd Year is David Gonzalez, an electronic music artist, programmer, remixer and producer. Other projects include, The Long Division and Drop and Solo.
Odd Year will feature guest vocalists, such as the first release (“Days Like This”), which features vocals from the very talented Loren Radis (aka Each Passing Day). You can Purchase “Days Like This”. Recently won the grand prize for my remix of Weezer’s track, “Love is the Answer“. The grand prize is to collaborate with lead singer/songwrite of Weezer, Rivers Cuomo.
Also co-wrote a track with Coury Palermo that was featured in the second volume of Barnes and Noble Beauty series. The track is called, “Headline“.

Bad Cock (São Paulo)
Bad Cock is the solo project of Hansen, working in electronic music genres as EBM and Synthpop. Bad Cock makes music since the 80's, making also many concerts and being part of festivals.

09 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:50
Playlist length: 38 minutes 23 seconds

Playlist files:

1. H.A.R.R.Y. and the Addict - Songs of Metal and Flesh (Euphorbia Mix) (2:33)
2. Lesnikov-16 - Система 'Медузы' (3:44)
3. Odd Year - Forever (ft. jef vandertogt) (2:13)
4. Glejs - The Light (4:28)
5. The Long Division - Neighbors (2:23)
6. Floor Seven - Normal People (4:38)
7. Виктор Аргонов project - Автоматизация (2:33)
8. Andy Livid - Am I The Machine? (6:51)
9. Bad Cock - The Chosen (3:53)

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Monday, 7 February 2011

CYBER10 Alternative Mixtape

CYBER10 Alternative Mixtape is the first compilation of CYBER10 covering genres as indie, alternative rock and pop and related sub-genres. Following the pattern of the other compilations, bands from many parts of the world joined CYBER10 to create this new project. Each of this artists below are worthy to be listened because even though some of them share the same genre, they got their musical particularities, I managed to find bands with influences of heavy/rock and some others with electro influences, what makes the sequence very interesting. This journey starts with December Days in a coldplay-like track and finishes with Matleena Sirén with her deep harmonies, enjoy!

9 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:28
Playlist length: 40 minutes 14 seconds

Playlist files:

1. December Days - The Escape (4:15)
2. Kate and After - Lost and Found (3:10)
3. Tristâme - Secretly (3:33)
4. Echo No Echo - And Farewell (5:31)
5. Kind of girl - Poetry Boy (4:19)
6. Luna Spark - Sleepless (4:09)
7. Гришковец и Бигуди - На заре (4:38)
8. Jakki Jelene - Comatose (5:47)
9. Matleena Sirén - I Can't Ever (Orchestral Version) (4:52)

December Days (São Paulo)
December Days is the alternative/indie influenced project of Diogo Peres, from São Paulo, according to the artist: Life sometimes can be heavy, dark and twisty. That was me in 2007, when a thunderstorm passed through my life, hopes and dreams and made me feel completely hopeless. Music has always been my shield from storms, that's how December Days was born. It was just a escape from everything, and now has become everything. Enjoy as you walk over the pages of my life.

Luna Spark (New Zeland)
Luna Spark was an indietronic synth/folk rock solo/collaborative project/band based in Auckland, and sometimes Hamilton, New Zealand. Confusing enough? luna spark was based on the songs and efforts of tracey exenola, which is me. Your narrator. That voice speaking in your head as you read this. ALL luna spark music is *free* to download, so go nuts. That’s everything two EPs and six albums worth of music. If you like luna spark, be sure to check out what luna spark evolved into: Radio Over Moscow.

Echo No Echo (USA)
Echo No Echo is a four piece electro-rock pop group who draw heavily from influences spanning modern indie rock to 1980's synth pop. In the summer of 2006 Echo No Echo formed specifically to open up for Information Society at Portland's Crystal Ballroom. The response was outstanding and propelled the band forward with their new wave synth rock culminating with their summer 2008 debut release “Crystals”. Conjuring up sounds similar to New Order and Gary Numan, Echo No Echo presents the perfect mixture of keyboards, synths and your traditional guitar, drums and bass rock weapons.

Kind Of Girl (Denmark)
Copenhagen’s Kind of Girl specialise in bass heavy synth-pop doused in the sweet addictive vocal melodies of lead singer Sissel. Based in Copenhagen and a rare live performer… have you been among the lucky few to catch a show…well… consider yourself lucky… a somehow secret band…

Гришковец и Бигуди (Russia)
Famous russian artist (writer, actor and playwright) E.Grishkovets and “Bigudi” band. Renowned Russian playwright, spoken word artist, director and actor, Evgeniy Grishkovetz rose to popularity among the Russian middle-class through his candid, stream-of-conciousness solo plays. In those he explored themes of childhood memories, gender, sincerity, perception of time, military valor etc. as applied to an urban lifestyle man in his thirties.

Jakki Jelene (USA)
Jakki Jelene is an angelic and captivating singer, songwriter, and musician who resides in San Diego, CA. Her first body work, “Acoustic Demos”, consisted of 12 original tracks set to haunting, acoustic music that showcased her beginnings as a solo artist. She then went on to collaborate with various independent artists on songs such as “Invisible”, “Crash & Burn”, and “Heaven Bound”. Jakki Jelene independently released her first full length studio album, “Reflections”, in 2006. “Reflections” contains electronic soundscapes, passionate, thought provoking lyrics, enchanting vocals, and lush, layered harmonies. In 2009 she released an EP entitles “Seasons”, an emotional and spiritual exploration of the four seasons. She is now in the process of releasing a string of singles in 2011.

Tristâme (USA)
Tristâme (pronounced: Tristaam) is the moniker singer/songwriter Rami uses for his solo atmospheric rock/alternative rock project. After an online EP released in March EP, Tristâme’s debut album “Unraveling Horizons” was released in July 2009 - The album is a journey into the thoughts and emotions of a “passive explorer,” one who is carried through his life without ever truly living it, engaged in the world only through his dreams and unfulfilled aspirations.
The name Tristâme comes from the sad legend of Tristan of Cornwall and the French word for soul, “âme”. Tristâme in broken French could mean “Sad Soul”.

Kate and After (Sweden)
Kate and After is an indie pop band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band consist of Magnus Lindquist (vocals), Jonas Karlsson (guitar), Carl Nelvig (organ), Kristoffer Sohtell (bass) and Joakim Axelsson (drums).Kate and After was founded in 2008. In November 2009, the first single, Snow Angel, was released. This release was a contribution to the project Unsigned Christmas, an initiative to bring forward Christmas music from unsigned artists on LastFM. On August 19th 2010, the band released a 3-track EP, ‘Things To Do’. These three songs are produced by Henryk Lipp who has also worked with and produced many well known Swedish bands and artists such as Millencolin, Håkan Hellström, and Thåström.

Matleena Sirén (Finland)
From Finland, Matleena Sirén has released a single named "I Can't Ever" (2010) which has three versions of the song "I Can't Ever" plus the song "My Friend". Matleena compose the songs herself and as well plays the piano, resulting in a pop-piano music full of melodies and deep feelings.