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CYBER10 Metal Storm - Finland Brazil

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Finland Brazil Finlandia Brasil Brasilia Suomi Symphonic Melodic Folk Brazilian Conservative Christian Lutheran Melodic

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Finland Brazil Finlandia Brasil Brasilia Suomi Symphonic Melodic Folk Brazilian Conservative Christian Lutheran Melodic
In this special volume of Metal Storm, CYBER10 gathered together artists from Finland and Brazil, in a tribute to the Finnish immigration to Brazil, an interesting hidden part of the Brazilian history, when Toivo Uuskallio, a religious Christian man, left Finland heading to what today is the town of Penedo (in Rio de Janeiro). Uuskallio was searching for the ideal place, a paradise, to start a community, free from the ambitions of the urban technology, living a simple life side by side with nature. Getting back to the music: This albums is essentially symphonic and melodic, with elements of folk and progressive metal, you can check all the information below.

Bands inlcuded on CYBER10 Metal Storm - Finland Brazil:
9 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:41
Playlist length: 42 minutes 11 seconds

Playlist files:
1. Iahweh e Orquestra Filarmônica do Cone Leste Paulista - Neblim (6:11)
2. Unburied Conception - Scaremongers Guild (4:13)
3. Efrata - Light Your Eyes (4:21)
4. C-Force - More Than A Dream (3:59)
5. Menahem - Illusions (5:46)
6. Minoria - Sydämet Jäässä (3:35)
7. Aikapallo - Revontulet (3:23)
8. Häive - Saimaata ei sanoilla selitä, osa 1 (7:30)
9. Holy Cross - Maame laulu (3:13)

Unburied Conception (Finland)
Instrumental Metal one-man-project hailing from Finland. Unburied Conception mixes melodies with powerful guitars, being easy to identify influences of metal bands as Angra, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish and at the same time a touch of Hans Zimmer.

Holy Cross (Brazil)
Holy Cross is a metal band from São Paulo, formed in 2001. The band released a demo cd in 2002 with the name MEDIEVAL HEART with 3 tracks influenced by gothic and medieval ambience. After just a few concerts, the band stopped playing. Some songs in portuguese were made, but never recorded. Holy Cross became active again only in 2011, recording a new album named VATERLAND, a release that keeps the band inside of the medieval ambience but now with elements of epic, symphonic and neo-classical metal and still with some gothic touch.

Häive (Finland)
Häive is a one-man music act coming from the southern part of Finnish present-day Karelia. Musically Häive mixes various metal styles to traditional Karelian folk music and other styles of acoustic music. Propably the biggest influences from the metal side are bands like "Amorphis", "Isengard", "Burzum" and "Ulver", and from the non-metal side bands like "Värttinä", "Hedningarna", "Tenhi" and "Myllärit".

Minoria (Finland)
Minoria is a finnish melodic metal/rock band having as influences bands as Amorphis, Sonata Arctica, CMX, HIM and many others. Members are: Thomas Virtanen (keyboards), Teemu Virtanen (drums), Jaakko Paavola (vocals), Martin Granlund (bass), Tommi Eskelinen (guitar).

Aikapallo (Finland)
Aikapallo produces music since 1993 by the use the computer and after that the project took part of some festivals in Finland. There are different influences found in the band, but the main one is rock.

Iahweh e Orquestra Filarmônica do Cone Leste Paulista (Brazil)
Iahweh is a brazilian rock/metal band formed in 1993 and in 2011 they had a great release of their song "Neblin" played together with the Symphonic Orchestra of Cone Leste Paulista. The result is an amazing track, full of arrangements and melodies.

C-Force (Finland)
The band was formed in the early 00's and has a demo EP containing 3 songs. C-Force is influenced by bands as Stratovarius, Helloween and the essential of the Power Melodic Metal.

Efrata (Brazil)
This Heavy metal band was started at July 2006, by the guitarist Andre Machado and the drummer Gê. They got to know one another by announcements of member searching for bands. The first song "Come Back Home" came out and after some tests, the bassist Lincoln Dutra, the Vocalist Rodrigo Godoy (ex-Metápolis) and the Keyboard player Ricardo Augusto has joined the band. With this lineup the song "Led By The Spirit" was recorded, with clear elements of heavy metal, hard rock, prog metal and fusion. After some months, the ex-bassist of Master Dream band, Thyago do Carmo join the band replacing Dutra. André Machado leaves the band as well but the they record they first demo anyway. Leandro Paiva and the guitar player Lucas Bastos joined the band, so the team gets complete. Efrata plays it's own composed songs but covers of Narnia, Stryper, Stauros, Petra are also included on the setlist.

Menahem (Brazil)
The band started in 2002 and after 4 years of hard work they've released the firt demo named "Prisões Sem Muros" in 2006, showing clear influences of melodic and progressive metal. The first album came in 2006 and the name is "Angels and Shadows". After playing in a really great event in 2008, the band stopped playing and in 2010 Menahem went back on track with a new lineup and the promise of a great album, plus many concerts to spread the new release.

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