Monday, 17 May 2010

Epic Church

Epic Church is a project made by Emerson Olaf, from São Paulo. It aims to cover topics as Humanity, Faith, Technology, Reason. This is the first album and in it it's possible to find some versions of medieval songs in a modern and electronic style, also original tracks of Epic Church. 

Full album on Youtube

10 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:44
Playlist length: 37 minutes 25 seconds

Playlist files:

1. Epic Church - Ceinwyn (4:28)
2. Epic Church - Flow My Tears (5:28)
3. Epic Church - En Vray Amoure (4:30)
4. Epic Church - Bendita Sabedoria No.2 Vas Pretiosum Labia Scientiae (2:24)
5. Epic Church - Dystopia (3:38)
6. Epic Church - Van Eyck's Bravade (1:07)
7. Epic Church - Dreams (4:42)
8. Epic Church - Alle Psallite Cum Luya (4:30)
9. Epic Church - Laudate Omnes Gentes (3:40)
10. Epic Church - O Pastor Moribundo (Alvares de Azevedo) (2:58)

Artist: Epic Church
Links: Facebook - Bandcamp - Spotify
Album Name: Epic Church
Date of Release: May 5, 2010
Genre: Electronic
Label: CYBER10
Language: English, Portuguese
Influences: Depeche Mode, Medieval Music, Apoptygma Berzerk
Cover Art: Battle Abbey, East Sussex, England (Shot taken by EPIC CHURCH, 2009)
Other details: This album is a self production of Emerson Olaf, with support of Diogo Peres to record the voices at StudioUm of Giovanni Machado.
Artist Comments: "This first album sums up a little of my experience in music. I tried to gather elements that I'm personally interested, such as philosophy, faith, technology, sci-fi, elements of post-modernism and dystopia and others. My respect for tradition and my concerns and interest in modernity and technology are put together, which most characterizes the work of Epic Church". 

Track 01: Ceinwyn
Composer: Melody: Cosmicman / Lyrics and vocal melody: Emerson Olaf / Arrangement: Emerson Olaf
Style: Gothic Synthpop / Electrogoth
About: This song has a heavenly melody and I made my best to compose lyrics which would fit to it. 
With you, forever
Nothing can't stop us now
All dreams, I've dreamt
Waiting for you
When I go wrong, your voice is like a song
That tells to me the truth I cannot see

You are my soul, you are my life
I couldn't live without your smile
So passionately, you run to me
Filling the emptiness I feel
You're by my side, nothing to hide
All lies we leave aside
Forever you, no other way
You say the words that I can't say

My promise, you have that I will never leave
Against the world, it's just you and me
Sei mein Licht egal wo ich bin
mein herz für dich Ich bin nichts ohne dich

Track 02: Flow My Tears
Composer: John Dowland
Style: Medieval Electro
About: This is a version for a medieval song, I always admired the melody and lyrics of that and who likes sci-fi will understand why I gladly chose to work on this song.
Flow my teares fall from your springs,
Exilde for ever: Let me morne
Where nights black bird hir sad infamy sings, there let me live forlorne.

Downe vaine lights shine you no more,
No nights are dark enough for those
That in dispaire their last fortunes deplore,
Light doth but shame disclose.

Track 03: En Vray Amoure
Composer: King of England Herny VIII
Style: Medieval Electro
About: Again I have my personal reasons to make a version for this medieval song. I was surprised at the end about how powerful this version sounds.
Lyrics: Instrumental

Track 04: Bendita Sabedoria No.2 Vas Pretiosum Labia Scientiae
Composer: Heitor Villa Lobos
Style: Gothic Synthpop
About: Villa Lobos' Bendita Sabedoria (‘Blessed Wisdom’) was dedicated to the New York University, written at the suggestion of Carleton Sprague Smith and the composition set short Latin texts of Biblical wisdom, this number 2 is based on Proverbs 20:15. This version of Epic Church includes a dialogue of Philip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?".
Lyrics: Vas Pretiosum Labia Scientiae

Track 05: Dystopia
Composer: Emerson Olaf
Style: Futurerop / Synthpop
About: As the name suggests, this song is about the search for physical and mainly spiritual freedom in a dystopian society.
Having the future in our hands
we disagree to a world that runs to the end
control of mind, down on your knees
like 1984, i want to set us free

Tecnology, war, but "peace" they will say
Preparing their bombs to use anyway
we are in front of a wall, no choice for now
the rain started to fall
how could we ever find our way
at this artificial reality
Feeling the darkness and dispair
I'm dying
Searching for answers everyday
we finally find the Creator
face the secret or step behind
we should decide

Track 06: Van Eyck's Bravade
Composer: Jacob Van Eyck (1644)
Style: Medieval Electro
About: This song sound mysterious and even melancholic, so I though that a version for it would be great.
Lyrics: Instrumental

Track 07: Dreams
Composer: Emerson Olaf
Style: Futurepop / Synthpop
About: Dreams are the goals you dare to have and this song's lyrics are exactly about that, in a very positive and upbeat synthpop melody.
Dreams seem to be so distant
No strength to tries, impossible to live
The sky is blue, you feel the wind
the perfect landscape but you're alone in paradise. All the castles, all the the magic, the light and that special feeling 
at night
The last kiss, the last embrace
everything had it's end
then nothing can stand, becoming loneliness

Forever dreams will live, in the place you can still reach
Always being true, forever
Through the pain and loneliness,  having strength out of sadness
The dreams survive forever

Track 08: Alle Psallite Cum Luya
Composer: Anonymous
Style: Medieval Electro
About: This is a Christian medieval song, that means something like "all sing praises with me"
Lyrics: Instrumental

Track 09: Laudate Omnes Gentes
Composer: Anonymous
Style: Medieval Electro
About: This songs vocals are from Taizé and an instrumental electronic was made in a dream-trance /italo style.
Lyrics: Ladate Omnes Gentes, Laudate Domino

Track 10: O Pastor Moribundo
Composer: Melody: King of England Henry VIII / Lyrics: Álvares de Azevedo / Arrangements: Emerson Olaf
Style: Medieval Electro
About: This song takes the melody of En Vray Amoure and has as lyrics the poem "O Pastor Moribundo" of the most famous Paulista ultra-romantic and gothic writer Álvares de Azevedo.
A existência dolorida 
Cansa em meu peito: eu bem sei 
Que morrerei... 
Contudo da minha vida 
Podia alentar-se a flor 
No teu amor! 

Do coração nos refolhos 
Solta um ai! num teu suspiro 
Eu respiro... 
Mas fita ao menos teus olhos 
Sobre os meus... eu quero-os ver 
Para morrer! 

Guarda contigo a viola 
onde teus olhos cantei... 
E suspirei! 
Só a idéia me consola 
Que morro como vivi... 
Morro por ti! 

Se um dia tu’alma pura 
Tiver saudades de mim, 
Meu serafim! 
Talvez notas de ternura 
Inspirem o doudo amor 
Do trovador!