Sunday, 11 January 2015

CYBER10 Metal Storm VII

After one year and half with no compilations released, here we are again. Despite the problem we've had with Last FM (they are not counting the listeners of compilations any more, it's always zero), we decided to organize one more volume of Metal Storm, having the opportunity to catch up with old friends and also welcoming new ones with great releases. As typical for Metal Storm, here we find a sequence full of Symphonic Metal, with melodies and the strength of heavy guitars.

10 tracks in playlist, average track length: 5:16
Playlist length: 52 minutes 46 seconds

Playlist files:

1. Galderia - Children Of The Earth (7:49)
2. Hidden Mirror - Sea Of Souls (5:42)
3. Nelly Khosrovyan - Veradardz (4:12)
4. Unburied Conception - Over the Icy Mountains (4:13)
5. Sacrom - Éxodo (7:32)
6. Asgardão - A Tale of a Warrior (6:02)
7. Holyforce - Se Perdió La Ilusión (3:55)
8. Alterum Saxum - Holy is the Lord (4:16)
9. Holy Cross - Vaterland (6:23)
10. C-Force - Will I Find (2:42)

Alterum Saxum (Germany)
Alterum-Saxum is a project band and a webside for any media (Software/Music...) which is published with the Common Creative Licence or under the the GPL (for Software). All downloads you can get on our homepage and they are for personal not commercial use according to the stated licence.

Asgardão (Finland)
The power of Metal in great fantasy themes, this is Asgardão, the finnish one man project from Turku. To create that power melodies, Asgardão has as influences Vangelis, Iron Maiden, Conan The Barbarian, Manowar and many others.

Hidden Mirror (Minas Gerais)
Hidden Mirror is a band from Belo Horizonte city, capital of Minas Gerais state, located in Brazil. In the very beginning of 2003, the main objective of HM’s project was to merge classical music compositions with a heavier sound. In addition, we have the privilege tho bring as our leading vocals a fearless female mighty voice. At the present time Hidden Mirror band is developing a whole new concept idea for the years to come . The band debuted with the first Ep called The Other Side Of The World and promises to surprise with each new release.

Nelly Khosrovyan (Armenia)
Nelly Khosrovyan is an Armenian singer who took part in the program X-Factor Armenia and is now in a solo career singing Symphonic Metal. New songs are being recorded and will be released in 2015, there is great expectation about it.

Unburied Conception
Instrumental Metal one-man-project hailing from Finland. Unburied Conception mixes melodies with powerful guitars, being easy to identify influences of metal bands as Angra, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish and at the same time a touch of Hans Zimmer.

Sacrom (Peru)
Sacrom (ex-Cadena de Fuego), is a metal band from Peru, the band started in 2001 and they claim to be the first “power neo-classical metal” band in the north of the country. Sacrom has all the songs sang in spanish and they've just released "Sin Medo" a great full length album with fantastic metal songs.

C-Force (Finland)
Last FM
The band was formed in the early 00's and has a demo EP containing 3 songs. C-Force is influenced by bands as Stratovarius, Helloween and the essential of the Melodic Power Metal.

Holy Cross (São Paulo)
Holy Cross is a metal band from São Paulo, formed in 2001. The band released a demo cd in 2002 with the name MEDIEVAL HEART with 3 tracks influenced by gothic and medieval ambience. After just a few concerts, the band stopped playing. Some songs in portuguese were made, but never recorded. Holy Cross became active again only in 2011, recording a new album named VATERLAND, a release that keeps the band inside of the medieval ambience but now with elements of epic, symphonic and neo-classical metal and still with a gothic touch.

Galderia (France)
Welcome to planet Galderia, realm of the universality of Creation. Let me invite you on a journey beyond any limit. A journey which will bring you far beyond the walls of the virtual dream-jail our eyes see as reality. Into eternity... We are Power Metal band from the south of France and created by Seb ( Guitar/Lead vocals ) in 2006. Influenced by bands like Gamma Ray or Helloween, GALDERIA turns toward a more powerful and melodic Heavy Metal.

Holyforce (Colombia)
The band started in 2006, in Bogotá, by Alexander Guillen, under the name of Paradigma intending to play instrumental songs. In 2007 they changed the name to Holyforce and decided to play Prog and Hard Rock. Through the the years the band adopted more Power and Heavy Metal influences, getting to a final result which is the style of Holyforce nowadays. Ruth Cuastuza Rodriguez gives a female touch to the vocals but keeping the power the songs need.