Thursday, 27 December 2018

Statistics 2018

One more year ends and I'm pleased to present the statistics and releases that made CYBER10 in 2018. More and more physical CDs are being forgotten, opening space for music streaming. Physical CDs are becoming more like a collection article than a means to listen to music. Apart from the free-download compilations of CYBER10 (which are digital, mp3 format), mostly of CYBER10 releases are already available for streaming.

The song "King of Eternity" of the melodic metal band Holy Cross (composed in 2002) got an orchestrated version by Ia Erlandsson, a Swedish musician and composer. It's important to mention that the guitars for this track were recorded by Moises Missão, of the band Templo de Fogo. 

Epic Church participated on the single of the Swedish project Blippblopporkerstern named Sanningsministeriet, remixing a song of the same name.

Spotify numbers for Epic Church, Guerreiros Paulistas, Gunstar Music and Holy Cross. Every year the numbers increase and it's not exactly proportional to releases, which makes it even more interesting and lead me to think that people are discovering the music here.
PS: Spotify got wrong in its number system, for Holy Cross and Guerreiros Paulistas it's not million.

Lesnikov-16 (synthpop from Russia) is part of the compilation CYBER10 Elektro Sektor III released in 2011

Azeta (heavy metal from Chile) is part of the compilation CYBER10 Metal Storm - Keepers of the Cross released in 2011

This is a mashup of the song "I Love You" of Cosmicman (trance from Finland) and the song "Ceinwyn" of Epic Church (electrorock / gothic from São Paulo)

Viktor Argonov (synthpop from Russia) is part of the compilation CYBER10 Elektro Sektor III released in 2011

CYBER10 Metal Storm VI is a free-download compilation focused on Power and Symphonic metal released in 2013

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Statistics 2017

Holy Cross Epic Church Guerreiros Paulistas Gunstar Music Metal Electronic Gothic Brazil Paulista Christian CDs
2017 was a calm but very productive year for CYBER10. More than ever the songs were streamed resulting in very good numbers, also the buying of music grew too and those things weren't due to new releases (because there were just a few) but because people are discovering our music little by little. The only free-download compilation released this year was a new volume of METAL STORM, featuring mostly bands which were already part of previous volumes of this series but they took part now with new songs, a kind of revival (more info below). We want to thank your support and may God bless your 2018 (with a loud music, for sure).   Emerson Olaf

Keepers of the Cross III (part of METAL STORM series) was the only free-download compilation released this year, it has only Christian metal bands and was made in a tribute to the 500 years of Protestant Reformation.

This compilation release is a special album in tribute to the anniversary of 7 years of the debut CD of Epic Church. This compilation gathers the more electro-rock/futurepop oriented songs of Epic Church, some of them in exclusive versions not found in any album else. This release is physical CD only, not digital. 
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Gunstar Music ventured itself deep in the synth and sampled music and came out with this EP, released in February, 2017, of retro design and songs resembling the 80's.

It was released on Spotify a sampler album with some artists of CYBER10, the playlist is:

1. Holy Cross - King of Eternity 2017 (4:01)
2. Epic Church - Ceinwyn (5:03)
3. Guerreiros Paulistas - Homenagem à FEB (4:19)
4. Gunstar Music - Blade Theme (2:51)
5. Morning Revolution - Destruction (3:56)
6. Busskar - The Time Will Come (3:50)
7. Hochkultur - Walkürenritt (3:17)

"Finland Brazil", released in 2011, was the most downloaded compilation in 2017. It's part of the series METAL STORM

Spotify numbers for Gunstar Music

Spotify numbers for Epic Church

Spotify numbers for Holy Cross

Spotify numbers for Guerreiros Paulistas

1st Most Seen CYBER10 Video in 2017: Azeta - Junto A La Cruz 

2nd Most Seen CYBER10 Video in 2017: Lesnikov 16 - Система 'Медузы'

3rd Most Seen CYBER10 Video in 2017: Holy Cross - Medieval Heart

This is our top 10 seen videos at Youtube and our audience in 2017 by country, so thanks to: Brazil, the USA, Chile, Russia and Germany