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CYBER10 is a net-label ran by Emerson Olaf which support events, produces and publishes bands and organises free-download music compilations in styles as Metal, Gothic, Synthpop, Electronic Music and Indie. CYBER10 works with mostly Christian bands and events.


Epic Church 
(Synthrock, Medieval, Futurepop)   Epic Church Facebook

Epic Church is a music project started in 2010 with the meaning of covering topics as faith and reason, tradition and technology. The music style, in the same directions of the topics, blends future and past, with influences of medieval and gothic music, also electronic and rock.

Epic Church's Discography

Epic Church (2010)
"This first album sums up a little of my experience in music. I tried to gather elements that I'm personally interested, such as philosophy, faith, technology, sci-fi, elements of post-modernism and dystopia and others. My respect for tradition and my concerns and interest in modernity and technology are put together, which most characterizes the work of Epic Church".

The Genevan Psalter (2013)
This is a music project meant to to make versions of the melodies of the Genevan Psalter, a collection of 126 melodies for singing the Psalms of the Bible. The book was organized by Reformed Christians and the melodies were composed between 1539 and 1562, in Geneva, Switzerland, by request of John Calvin. The versions here are "Epic Church like", meaning that they are electronic, possibly having a gothic and medieval touch. 

Música do Império (2016)
This EP has electronic versions for compositions only from the time when Brazil was an Empire (1822-1899)

Compilation: Christian Electronic - Medieval & Classical (2016)
This is a special compilation album of Epic Church which has only classical and medieval Christian songs in the typical Epic Church style (a kind of gothic ethereal electronic). The Psalm songs in the album are from the first protestant hymnal named The Genevan Psalter (made by request of John Calvin), there are two Christmas songs, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" which had Charles Wesley, George Whitefield, Felix Mendelssohn and William H. Cummings involved in the process of composition, "O Come, All Ye Faithful" (here in Latin as Adeste Fideles) is a Christmas carol which has been attributed to various authors, including John Francis Wade, John Reading and King João IV of Portugal. "Abide With Me" by Scottish Anglican Henry Francis Lyte, "Domine Jesu" by Brazilian José Maurício Nunes Garcia, "Gloria In Excelsis Deo" by Marcos António Portugal and "Laudate Omnes Gentes" of anonymous composition.

Holy Cross
(Melodic / Gothic Metal) 

Holy Cross is a metal band from São Paulo, formed in 2001 by Emerson Olaf and Bruno Zubi. The band released a demo cd in 2002 with the name MEDIEVAL HEART with 3 tracks influenced by gothic and medieval ambience. After just a few concerts, the band stopped playing. Some songs in portuguese were made, but never recorded. Holy Cross became active again only in 2011, recording a new album named VATERLAND, a release that keeps the band inside of the medieval ambience but now with elements of epic, symphonic and neo-classical metal and still with some gothic touch.

Vaterland (2011)


CYBER10 Dark Nights - Christian Gothic From Brazil (2010)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Keepers of The Cross (2011)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Finland Brazil (2011)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Keepers of the Cross II (2012)

CYBER10 Dark Nights 2 (2013)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Christian Metal From São Paulo (2015)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Keepers of the Cross III (2017)

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Special Edition (2019)

CYBER10 Extreme - Special Edition (2019)


CYBER10 Pindamonhangaba Metal (2015)

CYBER10 Pindamonhangaba Indie Pop (2015)

CYBER10 Pindamonhangaba Electro (2015)