Wednesday, 29 June 2011

CYBER10 Energy

This is the first compilation of Dance and Trance music made by CYBER10. Among the songs are included Hard Trance, Hands-Up, Eurodance, Eurotrance, Italo Dance... Artists from America and Europe are together for this great energy sequence.

Mikko L (Finland)
Mikko is a finnish artist that makes use of the software Reason to produce great tunes of Eurotrance, Eurodance and Hands-Up, his songs are pretty famous all over the internet.

Rution (Latvia)
“Rution” (aka “Rutionous” - Evgeny Polyakov) is a Latvian Hard Dance composer. His tracks include different music elements, but most of them written in Dancecore, Hardcore & Industrial genres. Most notable works are: “Field of rape blossoms», “Midnight frost“, “Famiee 2010” and for now, all of these tracks are absolutely free for download. Currently “Rution” is working on a new material and searching for open-minded people to collaborate with.

J.B. (Brazil)
J.B. is Jaime, who since his childhood was fascinated by music. J.B. is brazilian and makes use of FL Studio to produce his songs. His works are made for hobby, using the free times. His first production was in 2007 and usually Jaime's songs are in styles as Progressive Trance (Egypt) , Italo Dance and Lento Violento.

Prophetica (USA)
Prophetica is the project of the american artist Eric Dunne, who were producing music and playing live for 10 years and he is now retired of the job. Apart of producing his albums, Eric has participation in many compilations and has an album in the chill-out style. In one of his concerts, he has curiously used the outfit of a monk. You can check all Eric's productions at

Sebastian Muxó (Colombia)
Juan Sebastian Muxó is a colombian musician who makes electronic music in house/dance styles. As well Muxó produces remixes of famous songs which can be found in his website, youtube and his facebook page.

Gunstar Music (São Paulo)
The name was inspired in the game Gunstar Heroes, released for Sega Genesis. One remix of the soundtrack of the game was made by the artist, who has influences of Trance, Eurodance and Electro.

Eventuate (USA)
Eventuate is an artist from the times. He released some tracks that was pretty known by the listeners of the website. Eventuate's main genre is Progressive Trance.

Energy 96 (São Paulo)
Energy 96 is a Eurodance, Trance and Electro project which has it's first album as a tribute to the São Paulo Futebol Clube, a football club from São Paulo. The project intends to release more tracks in a near future.

    1. Ove Melaa - Førelska (Hands Up Speed Version) (3:52)
    2. Mikko L - Once In A Life (feat Kate Lesing) (3:32)
    3. Rution - Midnight frost (Radio edit) (4:15)
    4. Sebastian Muxó - We Can Handle It (3:42)
    5. J.B. - Perfect Season (4:38)
    6. Gunstar Music - Future Communication (3:02)
    7. Eventuate - G2 (A New Beginning) (6:39)
    8. Prophetica - Belief (speed mix) (5:09)
    9. Energy 96 - Telê Santana (Olê Telê) (4:03)

Download CYBER10 Energy (track by track)