Sunday, 23 February 2014

Poets Awake - Interview

CYBER10 interviewed Gutox, of the band Poets Awake from Feira de Santana, Bahia. One more interesting interview with one more person who tries to make the difference in the place he lives.

1- What was the creation of the band like?
The band came out in a rehearsal day with me and Robson (ex-drummer) in his house. Initially, those were suppose to be just gathers for playing songs but then I started showing some christian underground stuff to him and then he ended up accepting Christ (Thanks God). From that we decided to start a band with Christian lyrics in a style which is not so common in my city, the gothic rock. The meaning of the band is to spread the Gospel and share the Good News with everybody in darkness and praise the Lord with our songs.

2- How is Bahia concerning the Underground scene?
Particularly in Feira de Santana, where I live, recently the scene has been growing, as Metalcore ascending as "today's fashion", so many bands are being created in this metal genre. The interesting point is that many people appreciate the underground but they don't go to events and this creates a lack of support from the ones who should keep the scene alive. Nevertheless, there are that ones that make things happen, promote events, even knowing that that might be injuries. I think that if no one takes the risk, nothing happens.

3- Does the band do many concerts? Is there any schedule?
We got some events for 2013, in January we have a concert among non-christian bands and this is good for us to talk about the Kingdom, because are exactly in those kinds of environments that we find people who need a word of peace and hope and this is what we sing about in our songs.

4- What bands did influence (or still do) Poets Awake?
The main ones are: The Awakening, Dead Artist Syndrome, Saviour Machine, Clan Of Xymox, The Cure.

5- What bands could you highlight in the current scene?
A Dyanums, Baptism In Death, Epic Church, Krig, Born of Desire, Rival Machine, Abhorred Devil, Devotam.

6- About the scene, how do you rate the current underground scene? Also considering the Christian underground.
I see that the scene is very quiet, it might be that I'm not walking in the same pace of people so I can't see things happening. Where I live it's only us the ones to carry the Christian Underground Scene and with a big lack of support of many underground christians. The secular scene is a bit slumbering, events happen rarely and not often we see a good concert, there are many bands here, but just a few can be considered professionals.

6- Still in the same topic, how do you see the classic and polemic mp3 subject and the digital piracy?
It's a controversial topic, that's because mp3 is very popular nowadays and blogs share a lot of them making bands known. A positive point are the bands who share their music, I recently downloaded 7 albums of a band I like a lot The Violins. About piracy, it's something hard to be controlled, that's because the internet is accessed by all, I myself I'm able to download an album and put that for sale. It injuries bands a lot, mainly that ones in the beginning of the career, like us of Poets Awake, because we know how much money is necessary to record a material. It reminds me Metallica in Napster case, happened years ago, but yet, people remember the case when this topic shows up. Also many bands set up a profile in websites as Myspace and share music. So I think it's hard to make a share control of files in the Internet and there is always someone trying to get money from other's material.

7- To finish, how does the band see the current political and economical moment of Brazil? Is there any connection of them to music somehow?
It's a complicated topic, currently the brazilian politics are not in its best moment. Corruption, "Mensal√£o", things like that worsen the view of citizens to what happens in Brasilia (capital of Brazil) e this reflects in the economy, connected to the market and including the music industry. The music industry needs to stabilize somehow and till that we suffer, unfortunately.

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