Monday, 10 January 2011

CYBER10 Extreme

The net-label CYBER10 has organized a new compilation, this time uniting bands of the extreme metal style, which includes Death, Black, Folk, Doom, Trash and it's sub-genres of metal. The first is the armenian Blood Covenant with a powerful and symphonic black metal and the last one is the finnish MistGuide with a melancholic, noisy and deep drone/doom. Here's the full list of bands that joined this compilation:

NAME: Surmount Darkness
COUNTRY: Colombia
TRACK: Emperador Eterno
INFO: Surmount Darkness is a band hailing from Bogota, Colombia.
They got a black metal style as well very influenced by nordic folk.
The band exists since 2007 and in december of 2009 they released a demo entitled
"Venciendo La Oscuridad" which means the same of the band's name.

NAME: Clamor
TRACK: Face do Engano
INFO: Brazilian band of Death and Trash metal, after the demo release, the band has been getting their place on the metal scene. Some of the influences are Sepultura, Mortification, Demon Hunter, ZAO and some others.

NAME: Hawthorn
TRACK: Eternal Lord
INFO: Under the influence of Scandinavian bands, Hawthorn was created in 2004, in Curitiba, ParanĂ¡, intending to compose Extreme Symphonic Metal with well worked melodies and vocals.
Hawthorn's newest release is the album named Thorns and Blood, a work of folk and symphonic black metal, having themes as faith, death, God.

NAME: My Darkest Time
COUNTRY: Macedonia
TRACK: Rather Fear Him
INFO: Hailing from Macedonia, My Darkest Time is the project of Zarko Atanasov (also of Wipe Away). The track in this compilation is from the newest release named "My Thoughts",
a doom/death metal album with clear folk influences.

NAME: Segor
COUNTRY: Armenia
TRACK: Save me, oh God
INFO: The project of a Blood Covenant's member Segor. This track is from the album "The Man of God", of 2009, a good melodic death/black metal record.

NAME: MistGuide
COUNTRY: Finland
TRACK: Examination
INFO: MistGuide, Blackened Doom Metal from Finland. Founded 2008, nowadays only member is Mehtar.
Two full-length albums Evolve From Grave and Misery Thorns released trough Satanarsa Recods, and one EP Lonely Years trough internet. MistGuide's music takes influences also from funeral- and drone doom. Lyrical theme's are often about solitude, madness, dreams and philosophy in some way.

NAME: SkyRoad
TRACK: False Way
INFO: From Moskow, Russia, SkyRoad is a modern death/trash metal band that works on it's songs under a theme named SkyRoad, a spaceship that "plows the Universe", highlighting everything that is hidden in deep structures of consciousness of civilizations.

NAME: Franz Josef Land
COUNTRY: Finland
TRACK: Still Not North Enough
INFO: Franz Josef Land is a band from Turku, Finland. The song "Still Not North Enough" in this compilation shows the real finnish band's folk spirit, powerful and fast. The band define it's style as Arctic Metal, considering that Franz Josef Land is the name of an archipelago, in the far north, in the east of Svalbard.

NAME: Blood Covenant
COUNTRY: Armenia
TRACK: The Old Cross
INFO: This band from Armenia was formed in 2001 as Iron Cross, playing in the death/trash style, after some changes the name Blood Covenant was adopted and also the Symphonic Black Metal. Lyrical themes are God and the sacrifice of Jesus. Some of the influeces for the band are Extol, Selechtvalk and Crimson Moonlight.

NAME: Krig
TRACK: Dilacerated
INFO: Krig Was Formed in January 2007 Belo Horizonte City. Lyrics deal with social, environmental, and Christian issues.
The band recorded the 4th Album Narcissistic Mechanism in the year of 2010 supported by a sort of webstores around the world. The band is current recording the 5th Album.

10 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:35
Playlist length: 45 minutes 59 seconds

Playlist files:
    1. Blood Covenant - The Old Cross (Colassians 2:14-15) (3:28)
    2. Franz Josef Land - Still Not North Enough (4:40)
    3. Segor - Save Me, oh God (4:34)
    4. SkyRoad - False way (3:58)
    5. Hawthorn - Eternal Lord (5:41)
    6. Krig - Dilacerated (2:58)
    7. Surmount Darkness - Emperador Eterno (7:13)
    8. My Darkest Time - Rather Fear Him (3:39)
    9. Clamor - Face do Engano (4:09)
    10. MistGuide - Examination (5:39)

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