Friday, 21 January 2011

Templo de Fogo - 2011 - Warriors (The Best of Templo de Fogo)

Templo de Fogo was formed in 1998 (Brazil), when ex member of the band Sagrada Cruz decided to start a new project. The band had an evolution as similar to bands like Helloween, first having influences of heavy metal and hard rock then changing to a melodic power metal, always singing in portuguese (except for the album Judgment). Moisés Missão is the main member of the band, staying since 1998 as vocalist and guitarrist of Templo de Fogo.

This album gather the best songs of the band plus a new release named Sepulcro. All songs were remastered and some of them reworked and the album is also published on LastFM by CYBER10.

11 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:35
Playlist length: 39 minutes 32 seconds

Playlist files:

1. Templo de Fogo - Honra e Poder (3:59)
2. Templo de Fogo - Filha da Alva (3:23)
3. Templo de Fogo - Babilônia (3:19)
4. Templo de Fogo - Sacrifício (3:01)
5. Templo de Fogo - Soberano (3:05)
6. Templo de Fogo - Visão (3:51)
7. Templo de Fogo - Sonho Real (4:11)
8. Templo de Fogo - Tua Voz (2:38)
9. Templo de Fogo - Momento de Aflição (3:57)
10. Templo de Fogo - Guerreiros (4:46)
11. Templo de Fogo - Sepulcro (3:22)

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