Tuesday, 11 January 2011

CYBER10 Metal Storm - Keepers Of The Cross

One more compilation of CYBER10, this time the focus is on Heavy/Power/Melodic Metal bands, all of them with christian themes on the lyrics. All bands come from South America, mainly Brazil (one from Chile and another one from Peru)

NAME: Tryumphall
TRACK: A Chave
Youtube Video

INFO: Hailing from a place in Brazil which is not well on the metal scene (Vitória da Conquista), Tryumphall stand strong on a power melodic metal sound, influenced as well by progressive styles.

NAME: Dynasty
TRACK: The Time Is Over
INFO: Internationally known because of the album "Motus Perpetuus", Dynasty hasn't stop. The band from Minas Gerais, Brazil has a new album named "Warriors of the King" a great heavy/power metal record. "The Time is Over", included in this compilation is an amazing melodic metal track, full of melodies and guitars, the energy necessary for a good start.

NAME: Twilight of Time
TRACK: Shelter
Youtube Video

INFO: "Twilight", in other words, means the cool of the day, the moment when day gives way to night and night gives way to day. The bands adds "of time" due to a large number of bands using Twilight. Twilight of Time was formed in 2008 intending to play metal with melodic and progressive influences. Despite of the fact of being brazilians, the songs are sang in english. 2010 saw Twiligh of Time first start on a studio, recording the single "The Pilgrim - Preface" which give us a preview of the Pilgrim's saga towards the heavenly city.

NAME: Azeta
TRACK: Junto A La Cruz
INFO: In the 80's in Santiago, Chile, Patricio Ibarra and Juan Carlos Campos formed a Hard Rock band called AV-3, what became AZETA still in the late 80's, changing into a heavy/power metal band with melodic influences. The message found in the lyrics is straight, covering themes as salvation through Christ and Faith.

NAME: Clean Heart
TRACK: Fight In The Name of God
INFO: Clean Heart makes a heavy metal with some power/melodic influences. Samuel, the soul of the band, is, at the same time, the guitarrist and vocalist and their concerts are usually full of energy. This brazilian band has only a demo release named “Fight In The Name of God” with 4 tracks.

NAME: Templo de Fogo
TRACK: Honra e Poder
Youtube Video

INFO: Templo de Fogo was formed in 1998 (Brazil), when ex member of the band Sagrada Cruz decided to start a new project. The band had an evolution as similar to bands like Helloween, first having influences of heavy metal and hard rock then changing to a melodic power metal, always singing in portuguese (except for the album Judgment). Moisés Missão is the main member of the band, staying since 1998 as vocalist and guitarrist of Templo de Fogo.

NAME: Adiastasia
TRACK: The Fellowship
INFO: The band was formed in the beginning of 2003 by lead vocalist Jeff Winner. In 2004 the band played in the Festival Rock in August where Winner received the prize of best Vocalist. From Campina Grande, Brazil, Adiastasia has a powerful melodic metal, the first album Life War has pleased many listeners.

NAME: Sacrom
TRACK: Caballeros del Cielo
NFO: Sacrom (ex-Cadena de Fuego), is a melodic/epic metal band from Peru, the band were created in 2001 and they claim to be the first “power neo-classical metal” band in the north of the country. Sacrom has all the songs sang in spanish.

NAME: Holy Cross
TRACK: King of Eternity
INFO: Holy Cross is a metal band from São Paulo which has influences of gothic and medieval themes. The band started in 2001 and at 2002 released the demo EP “Medieval Heart”, since that the band stopped playing together but there are plans to produce a new album in 2011.

NAME: Fighting
TRACK: Battle
INFO: Heavy/Power metal band from São Paulo, Fighting shows a kind of metal played in it’s traditional way, the EP “Fighting” has 6 tracks which has “Battle” chosen for this compilation.

10 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:55
Playlist length: 49 minutes 10 seconds
Playlist files:
    1. Dynasty - The Time Is Over (4:23)
    2. Adiastasia - The Fellowship (5:12)
    3. Templo de Fogo - Honra e Poder (3:59)
    4. Clean Heart - Fight In The Name of God (9:01)
    5. Tryumphall - A Chave (4:28)
    6. Sacrom - Cabellero Del Cielo (5:39)
    7. Twilight of Time - Shelter (5:46)
    8. Holy Cross - King of Eternity (3:30)
    9. Azeta - Junto A La Cruz (3:57)
    10. Fighting - Battle (3:15)

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