Wednesday, 6 July 2011

CYBER10 Extreme II

Keeping the same brutality of the first release, the second volume of CYBER10 Extreme brings many interesting bands hailing, as always, from different parts of the globe. This time we got new flags. we welcome Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus and Israel. The compilation starts with the good death metal of Vistery and finishes with the brand new metal of Reação.

Vistery (Belarus)
Vistery is a solo studio Death Metal project from Minsk (Belarus) created by Alexey Kizillo. The musician previously played in many Belarus bands as a guitarist, vocalist and drummer, but wanted to realize himself entirely. In February 2011 debut album “Procreation Of The Wicked” was released.

Häive (Finland)
Häive is a one-man music act coming from the southern part of Finnish present-day Karelia. Musically Häive mixes various metal styles to traditional Karelian folk music and other styles of acoustic music. Propably the biggest influences from the metal side are bands like "Amorphis", "Isengard", "Burzum" and "Ulver", and from the non-metal side bands like "Värttinä", "Hedningarna", "Tenhi" and "Myllärit".

Sabaoth (Brazil)
Sabaoth, from Fortaleza (Brazil), is a band of Death Metal which had it's first release in 2000 and in 2010 the band released the first full-length album named "Capitães de Guerra".

Radogost (Poland)
Radogost is a folk-metal band which started its career in the towns of Brenna and Ustroń in the mountain regions of Poland. The band is: Łukasz Muschiol (vocals, lead guitar), Marian Kolondra (rhythm guitar), Jan Musioł (violin), Rafał Bujok (bass) and Marcin Tatar (drums).

After Oblivion (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Risen form the ashes of Path Beyond Serenity – an oriental flavored melodic death metal band - After Oblivion came to life in 2007. Eastern melodies were ditched for a more intense and sharp sound, still very resolutely rooted in traditional Death Metal, a genre often perceived as destined into oblivion. And Death is the keyword here, with the band deliberately embracing Schuldiner’s legacy, especially their latest works, and using it as a platform to build it’s own sound.

Prenúncia (Brazil)
Formed in 2007 in Tocantins (Brazil), Prenúncia plays Death and Trash metal. The band started as a cover band of Antidemon then later the guys started to compose their own songs, releasing now in 2011 the Demo Ep named "Cadáveres Humanos".

Faith Blast (Brazil)
Influenced by both old school and modern bands of Death Metal, Faith Blast makes a brutal but at the same time a technical music.

Silent Sin (Israel)
Silent Sin was formed in 2009 in Tiberias, Northern Israel. The band defines it's style as Death and Groove israeli metal.

Reação (Brazil)
The band was formed in September 2010, having as influence bands as P.O.D., Demon Hunter, Brian Head, Chevelle, System of a Down... The members are Fabin (guitar), Jorge (vocal), Joe (bass and vocal) and Marlin (drums).

9 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:59
Playlist length: 35 minutes 54 seconds

Playlist files:

1. Vistery - Source Of Hate (2:55)
2. Sebaoth - Caminhos de Morte (2:31)
3. After Oblivion - Septic Mind (3:16)
4. Prenúncia - Cadáveres Humanos (4:12)
5. Häive - Metsäläinen (6:38)
6. Radogost - Tam Skąd Pochodzę (5:01)
7. Silent Sin - All Natural Turns Insane (A.N.T.I) (3:51)
8. Faith Blast - Make Your Choice (3:01)
9. Reação - Inconsciência (4:29)

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