Friday, 16 December 2016

Statistics 2016

2016 was an unique year for CYBER10, not exactly a year of many releases, but a year of few but interesting achievements. Exactly 6 years after the debut release, Epic Church released in 2016 an EP named "Música do Império" which is a History focused album. The EP has songs from the time Brazil was an Empire, all songs in "epic church format".
Epic Church Música do Império Conservative Music Electronic Monarchy Alt-right Brazil São Paulo Paulista Electrogoth Synthpop

Guerreiros Paulistas also had its EP release in 2016. This is a music project which has songs about the state of São Paulo, its culture and History. Guerreiros Paulistas has albums about contemporary context and History (XX Century), another one of an alternative History of the future and now to close the circle they released an EP with songs about the past of São Paulo, from its beginning.
Guerreiros Paulistas - Histórias de São Paulo - 1932 MMDC História Paulista Cultura Rei MSPI 9 de Julho Orgulho

 A great achievement of CYBER10 this year was to start selling some albums in the physical format, some special albums were developed exclusively for physical format. Epic Church released a compilation named "Gothic Synthpop & Futurepop" and also another one named "Christian Electronic: Medieval & Classical".
Epic Church - Gothic Synthpop & Futurepop - São Paulo Paulista Brazil EBM Gothic Gótico música gótica qntal blutengel depeche mode apoptygma berzerk VNV nation EDM

Epic Church - Christian Electronic Medieval & Classical - Synthpop Electropop Gospel Evangélico Cristiano Cristiana Reformed Música reformada music Evangélica Anglican Anglicana Anglicano Episcopal

Guerreiros Paulsitas released "Rock Cultural Paulista", a compilation of rock and metal songs of the band and also released "Neo Folk Paulista", apart of releasing its industrial album named "São Paulo National State".

Guerreiros Paulistas - Rock Cultural Paulista - São Paulo Metal Música MSPI 1932 Alt-Right Direita Olavo de Carvalho Jair Bolsonaro Generation Identity Trump

Guerreiros Paulistas - Neo Folk Paulista - Martial Industrial Conservative Music Dark Ambient MSPI

Gunstar Music and Holy Cross also have their releases in physical format. All CYBER10's physical CDs listed can be found below:

Those below are the most viewed videos of CYBER10 in the year 2016 on Youtube

Lesnikov 16 - Система 'Медузы' - CYBER10 Elektro Sektor III

Azeta - Junto A La Cruz - Metal Storm - CYBER10 Metal Storm Keepers of the Cross

The Eternal Chapter - You Can't Let Me Die - CYBER10 Dark Nights

Kind of Girl - Poetry Boy - CYBER10 Alternative Mixtape 

Виктор Аргонов project - Автоматизация - CYBER10 Elektro Sektor III 

H.A.R.R.Y. and the Addict - Songs of Metal and Flesh - CYBER10 Elektro Sektor III 

Epic Church - Ceinwyn

Asgardão - A Tale of a Warrior - CYBER10 Metal Storm VII

Epic Church - Laudate Omnes Gentes (Taizé Electronic Version)

Gunstar Music - Ancient Ruins (Gunstar Heroes OC Remix) 

Holy Cross - King of Eternity (Vaterland)

Those are the countries that most watched the videos of CYBER10 on youtube. The numbers below form 60% so there is a variation of countries forming the 40% that's left, which mean many countries are reached in small proportions.

Not many songs are uploaded to our SoundCloud account but it's worth to mention the most listened songs of 2016. We have Astralion, Hochkultur, Gunstar Music and Epic Church. Those listening numbers came with no advertisement.

In 2016 a compilation exclusive for Spotify (and some other online stores) was released, it's named "Martial Neo Folk and Post Industrial" and it includes Holy Cross, Guerreiros Paulistas and Hochkultur
 Martial Neo Folk and Post Industrial - CYBER10 Net-Label - Conservative Martial Pop Alt-Right Music Generation Identity anti-liberal são paulo paulista christian
Still about Spotify, it was a great year regarding streaming. The revenue is not the greatest, but 2016 has been the year with most CYBER10 artists being streamed so far.

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