Thursday, 31 December 2015

Statistics 2015

2015 was a hard year for CYBER10, but anyway we can consider that we had great achievements. Last FM definitely stopped hosting our compilations, even though we took many new artists for them with free-download songs. We were having problems with Last FM since 2014 (or even 2013) when they stopped counting the number of listeners of our compilations, setting the number always as zero listeners, being totally unfair to our initiative of spreading the good music. Apart of that problem we can highlight the very interesting and audacious projects we organized and published, such as:

CYBER10 Metal Storm VII

The most downloaded compilation of CYBER10 in 2015!!!

Now let's go to the numbers of 2015. Below you can see some of our music statistics.
Those above are the most viewed videos of 2015 at CYBER10 account on Youtube, the top geography and the male loyalty to the label.

This numbers of YOUTUBE show us that we had more than 2000 views more than in 2014, that is great! 

This song of the metal band AZETA was the most viewed video of CYBER10 in 2015

This song of the electro-gothic project Epic Church was most viewed new video of CYBER10 in 2015

We want to thank the USA and Brazil for the loyalty following us.

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