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Epic Church - Highborn Spirit (2015) - Track by Track

CYBER10 presents the new album of Epic Church, which had the first release in 2010 named "Epic Church", the second in 2013 named "The Genevan Psalter" and now the project comes with "Highborn Spirit", an album that shows again the synthpop/electro-rock face of Epic Church, at the same time keeping its medieval-electro typical style. Emerson Olaf gives more details of this release in our "Track By Track" session, enjoy!

Epic Church - Highborn Spirit (2015)
9 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:46
Playlist length: 34 minutes 2 seconds 
Playlist files:

1. Epic Church - Benedicamus Domino (3:00)
2. Epic Church - Memories And Dreams (5:16)
3. Epic Church - Counter-Revolutionary (3:24)
4. Epic Church - Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie (Thoinot Arbeau) (4:41)
5. Epic Church - Endlessly (4:07)
6. Epic Church - Strike The Viol (Henry Purcell) (2:35)
7. Epic Church - Conquest (4:40)
8. Epic Church - Your Heart (Inverno) (3:04)
9. Epic Church - Voyage Through Space And Time (3:15)

Full album on Youtube

Artist: Epic Church
Links: Facebook - Bandcamp - Spotify - Buy the physical CDPaypal or Card
Album Name: Highborn Spirit
Date of Release: March 29, 2015
Genre: Electronic
Label: CYBER10
Language: English, French, Portuguese
Influences: Depeche Mode, Medieval Music, Apoptygma Berzerk, Eurotrance
Cover Art: Taken by the Romantic artist Anton Melbye, the art is named "Ships at the Sea" (1867)
Other details: The album was produced with very simple equipments and no pitch software were used for voices or back vocals, which were all recorded by Emerson Olaf. Voices or choir samples neither were used.
Artist Comments: "I consider this a simple album technically saying, but an album full of ideas replete with applied philosophy coming from a view of the world which take its roots on traditionalist conservatism. Regarding genre and style, the general result of Epic Church if one mix up all its songs would be a kind of medieval Depeche Mode in an Euro-Mix. The project might be placed on Synthpop or even Electro-Rock, maybe the so called Futurepop and there is still a less used tag named Medieval-Electro in which we would fit. Highborn Spirit is clearly an escape from the liberal modern world, a return to old values, at the same time not denying technology, because if we did so, we wouldn't be here on internet publishing electronic music."

Track 01: Benedicamus Domino
Composer: Anonymous (medieval)
Style: Medieval-Electro
Illustration: Santuário do Bom Jesus de Iguape, Iguape, São Paulo by Emerson Olaf (2014)
About: This is a kind of industrial version for a Christian medieval song.
Lyrics: Instrumental
Epic Church - Benedicamus Domino

Track 02: Memories and Dreams
Composer: Emerson Olaf
Style: Electro Rock
Illustration: Häme Castle, Hämeenlinna, Finland by Emerson Olaf (2009)
About: The dreams of your past are the real ones, dreams of an innocent heart not influenced by cruel reality of modern adulthood.

Would the dreamer in you 
Be proud of what you've done, 
Be proud of what you are today? 
Treasures of yesterday buried too deep
The real essence is now lost

Memories, a reviving of the past, getting back to golden times
Remembrances of dreams to save us from despair
Memories and dreams

Welcome to a rotten world
Where vanity is the key
Where selfishness is the main rule
Empty minds, liberals
Heading to destruction
An inevitable collapse

Take us back to a world
Where values build a noble man
A light for tomorrow

Epic Church - Memories and Dreams

Track 03: Counter-Revolutionary
Composer: Emerson Olaf
Style: Electro Rock
Illustration: Monument for Frederick Augustus II of Saxony in Dresden by Emerson Olaf (2009)
About: This song is about the struggle of the young people with the degrading status of the current society. Those young people are more and more searching for the traditional values, which are a solid base for life. 

All we say, all we do makes us what we are
A better choice, the hardest move
You have to sacrifice

The modern beast of selfishness
Lies and says you're free
But deep inside you really know
The way you have to be

All feelings in your heart; All memories that you've got
The gift you must hold dear: The existence of your soul

Trials to be alive
To fly against the wind
It is hard to keep the fight
Opposite the world
Material thoughts to break the faith
You ought to resist
The Truth is there for you, you know it
Epic Church - Counter-Revolutionary

Track 04: Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie
Composer: Thoinot Arbeau
Style: Medieval-Electro
About: The difference of making this version for a medieval song was that this song is in French, but at the end I manage to sing the first verse and put it in an Epic Church style.
Illustration: Château Grimaldi, Antibes, France by Emerson Olaf (2009)

Lyrics: (only the first verse of the original)
Belle qui tiens ma vie
Captive dans tes yeusse,
Qui m'as l’âme ravie
D'un sourire gracieusse,
Viens tôt me secourir
Ou me faudra mourir.(bis) 

Epic Church - Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie

Track 05: Endlessly
Composer: Emerson Olaf
Style: Gothic Synthpop
Illustration: Emerson Olaf (2013)
About: I see an influence of the gothic synthpop of the 80's in Endlessly, the lyrics are profound and self-centered, typically romantic.

The World you feel
That you are set apart
nothing can heal
nothing satisfies
Your hopes, your thoughts
Are always far away 
Misplaced, mistakes
All I see

Endlessly I will be
So distant in a dream
I might see I might find
The destiny of my life
Then I'll raise then I'll feel
The joy of something new
It always will be with me

The fear has come
When solitude comes takes its place
The time you wish you were taken away
There is no way to adapt yourself to this world
believe, preserve your soul
Epic Church - Endlessly

Track 06: Strike The Viol
Composer: Henry Purcell
Style: Medieval-Electro
Illustration: Scotney Castle, Kent, UK by Emerson Olaf (2009)
About: When I listened to this song I knew it could perfectly fit in an Epic Church version, it has feeling and mystery, a thoughtful song.
Lyrics: Instrumental

Epic Church - Strike The Viol

Track 07: Conquest
Composer: Emerson Olaf
Style: Electro Rock
Illustration: Taken by the Romantic artist Anton Melbye, the art is named "Ships at the Sea" (1867)
About: I would say this is the main song of the Highborn Spirit album. Conquest talks about an European man centuries ago who left his life behind to have his most exciting adventure in life: going with a group of people to a new and unexplored land for the first time.

And then comes the invitation 
Which would change his life forever
Invited to a journey to a new world
An enormous pain he felt while looking to his daughter's eyes
And he kissed his wife goodbye

Brave men across the sea
For the glory of the nation
By the grace of God
We shall conquer the world

Countless days at the sea
Days of chants and fellowship
Days of fights and praying on his knees
From afar is seen a piece of land in green
Is this paradise or just a dream?
Epic Church - Conquest

Track 08: Your Heart (Inverno)
Composer: Emerson Olaf
Style: Gothic Synthpop
Illustration: Hämeenlinna, Finland by Emerson Olaf (2009)
About: This song was made with a medieval melody plus composed lyrics in Portuguese, a challenging task. The result is a totally dark romantic song typical of the romantics of the 19th Century.

O anoitecer, o céu azul
A escurecer e vem o frio acolher
A alma a perecer
Na solidão, sem afeição
Do teu olhar sem atenção

O existir, sentir, sonhar
Já não é mais satisfação
Restando assim nada em mim
Que faça arder o coração.
O inverno, o anoitecer
E com o frio, escurecer.
Epic Church - Your Heart (Inverno)

Track 09: Voyage Through Space and Time
Composer: Emerson Olaf
Style: Electro Rock
Illustration: The Observatory Science CentreHerstmonceux Castle, UK by Emerson Olaf (2009)
About: A melodic and powerful instrumental song, having a clear influence of neo-classical metal. The title is sci-fi themed and this is what is suggested: the adrenaline and emotion that happens when you travel through space and time. 
Lyrics: Instrumental
Epic Church - Voyage Through Space and Time

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