Friday, 17 May 2013

CYBER10 Dark Nights 3

This is the third volume of the Dark Nights compilation and I can say it's the extremest volume of them. Industrial and Extreme Metal with elements of Steampunk, Gothic and Doom in a sequence that takes you on a trip from the noise to the symphonic many times.
10 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:20
Playlist length: 43 minutes 23 seconds 

Playlist files:

1. The Steam Clock - Excruciating Emptiness (3:53)
2. Batzz in the Belfry - Come and Die (5:02)
3. Dark Valentine - A World Beguiled (4:10)
4. The Beckoning - Lamentation (6:28)
5. Wipe Away - Challenge (6:06)
6. Adam London - Revelation in a Time of Utter Selfishness (3:02)
7. Epta Astera - Sola Fide (6:26)
8. Epic Church - Vas Pretiosum Labia Scientiae 2 (1:27)
9. Hawthorn - Shadow Path (2:43)
10. Smirenie - Edno telo (instrumental) (4:06)

The Steam Clock 
A little more steam & a little less punk... The STEAM CLOCK is the project of one Enoch Lycanth who also performs with IxNXRxI on bass & amp; vocals... A more melodiously oriented project than previous efforts that can best be described as "folk music for the post industrialized apocalypse" you can still bet there will always be an undercurrent of brutality because of his neolithic nature... Enoch is currently tinkering & constructing a group of clockwork musicians to perform with so stay tuned to see the results & partake in the many miss adventures of Enoch Lycanth & the magnificent STEAM CLOCK!

The Beckoning 
The Beckoning' is an Extreme Gothic Metal band from Edmonton,Alberta,Canada that fuses the aggression of Extreme Metal with the majestic ambience of Gothic soundscapes. Founded by Meghann and Roy Turple and joined together with guitarist/bassist Eldon Loewen, the trio combine their influences together in a songwriting formula that is both unorthodox and organic.

Epic Church 
Epic Church was created with the meaning of putting together many elements like technology, faith, romanticism, electro music, medieval music among others. From São Paulo, Emerson Olaf, the only member, has produced everything on the project, releasing the first album named Epic Church (2010). The project has some versions of medieval and romantic era songs.

Epta Astera 
Epta Astera is a gregorian folk metal band from North Carolina. In a world of so much rote imitation, Epta Astera finds expression by hearkening back to the pinnacle of Christian musical innovation: the gregorian chant. Taking polyphonic harmonies and melismatic melodies, and fusing them with atmospheric post-metal and sundry folk instruments, the result is aggression, melancholy, and beauty.
Secondly, we believe in the virtue and power of free culture. Every work of Epta Astera is available for download, and source tracks are available upon request for remixing (or amusement, or whatever else).

Dark Valentine 
Dark Valentine of Sweden will Enchant you with their compelling music and theatrical performances. They are currently embarking on their "Twill Be Epic" CD Release Tour throughout Scandinavia and Europe... Spring/Summer 2013.

Batzz in the Belfry 
"...BATZZ in the belfry delivers every bright expectation in the long distance debut of a band, confirming again the richness of the American underground scene and, above all, it demonstrates that old school gothic-rock can still make its followers dream." (Erba della Strega webzine: Review of "Sparks Fly Upward" by Mr. Moonlight)

Wipe Away 
Wipe Away is a project started in 2007 by Zarko Atanasova and Marina Atanasova, both from Macedonia. The songs are Gothic and Doom influenced and are based on Bible's Revelations book.

Under the influence of Scandinavian bands, Hawthorn was created in 2004, in Curitiba, Paraná, intending to compose Extreme Symphonic Metal with well worked melodies and vocals.
Hawthorn's lastest act was opening an Antestor's concert in Brazil.

Adam London 
Adam London is a producer/songwriter that specializes in Gothic/Industrial music. He is known for his work in the Industrial band Innothingness Raised Imperishable (keyboard/programming/producer) as well the hardcore act Under Sleepless Skies (bass/producer). A known collaborator, no musical genre is taken for granted, and his influence range form AFI, to Virgin Black, to Imogen Heap. London searches for a sonic landscape that has no boundaries, and where creative expression is valued far above marketable image. He seeks to create music that is both true to the human experience, and is a beacon of hope in a word filled with brokenness.

Smirenie is the side-project of Zarko and Marina Atanasova, the Macedonians of the band Wipe Away.  The songs are sung in Macedonian and there are also some instrumental tracks. The project follows a clear ethno/folk progressive style, with elements of gothic and rock.

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