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CYBER10 Elektro Sektor IV - Das Electrorock

For ages the mankind were trying to mix the electro and rock/punk sounds and many results were discovered. The fourth volume of CYBER10 Elektro Sektor brings you several experiences of music, DAS ELECTROROCK.

Complex Numbers (Russia)
Complex Numbers band from Vladivostok (Russia) was founded in 1996 by Frol Zapolsky and Victor Argonov. Initially, it was a techno-project, but in fact there are fans of different music genres - from classic to hard-rock and 8-bit game devices.

Echo No Echo (USA)
Echo No Echo is a four piece electro-rock pop group who draw heavily from influences spanning modern indie rock to 1980's synth pop. In the summer of 2006 Echo No Echo formed specifically to open up for Information Society at Portland's Crystal Ballroom. The response was outstanding and propelled the band forward with their new wave synth rock culminating with their summer 2008 debut release “Crystals”. Conjuring up sounds similar to New Order and Gary Numan, Echo No Echo presents the perfect mixture of keyboards, synths and your traditional guitar, drums and bass rock weapons.

Gunstar Music (São Paulo)
The project was created in 2006 and since that date it's been two EPs and two albums. From São Paulo, Gunstar Music has it's name coming out of a game named Gunstar Heroes. One track of that game was remixed in the first EP (Ancient Ruins). Gunstar Music makes a sound which is a mix of eurodance, electrorock, electro and trance.

Heart Shaped Hate (USA)
Heart Shaped Hate is a BFF Super Girl Duo made up of JENNA (ON DRUMS) AND NATALI (ON SYNTHESIZERS AND YELPS). It was born as a siamese-twinned, two-headed, eight-limbed creature and then divided into equal parts (except Jenna got more boobs). After the mitosic scapeling, they channeled their magical powers as a supreme girl monster into becoming the ultimate candy-trash doom machine.

Liberty Machine (São Paulo)
Since 9 years old Gustavo were playing piano and keyboard and started to learn more about electronic music. In 2010 he started a electronic music project, having influences of electro, breakbeat, trip hop and even rock music, Gustavo wants his music to be danceable with messages of positivity. His partner, Marcia, make the vocal parts in some of the songs and she is also responsible for lyrics, ideas and translations of portuguese to english. Liberty Machine means the freedom that can be get through the electronic music, this is the feeling Gustavo intends to cause.

Radio Over Moscow (New Zealand)
Radio Over Moscow is an independent ‘band’ based in Auckland, New Zealand. The debut album ‘Battletech’ was released on July 18, 2009, and the follow up, ‘Hide The Decline’, on April 23, 2010, and the third - ‘Deus Ex Robotica’ - is being released one song a fortnight throughout 2011. If nothing else, ROM sounds like a low-budget mix of Depeche Mode, Nirvana, New Order, Killers, Smashing Pumpkins, Beatles, Weezer, Human League, Manic Street Preachers, Primal Scream and Blur.

SV (Russia)
[sv] is the 23 years old guy from Russia who compose electronics songs. The artist highlight his industrial influences but is easy to find as well the influence of the alternative and electropunk music. The track Epic at this compilation shows one of the directions this project can drive itself.

Otis of Perseus (Netherlands)
Artist of musicmodules. Real name: Frans Bouma. "I’ve been in the demoscene since 1989, and on the Amiga I’ve been a member of groups like InfoCorner, Perseus, Zite, Megawatts, Dream4. On the PC I’m still a member of Infuse Project, after Perseus died." More modules have been released by Otis, but those are early releases from the beginning of his career.

Munlet (Spain)
MUNLET is a duo formed by Anita Lady Fingers (voice, synths, theremin) and Ina Herr Professor (guitar, keyboard, programming), sometimes having guests joining them. The project started in 2002, with the aim of getting a punk sound with electronic elements.

Bashed by Beauty (Germany)
Once upon a time, a creepy little creature called Frizza was living in a cold cruel world full of dirt. Because of the fact that all the other beautiful creatures were avoiding it, Frizza soon stopped speaking to them in coherent words. As time passed by, the gorgeous but mean ones got more and more furious about Frizza, who still payed no attention to their beastliness. Far from it! Little creepy Frizza slowly formed a habbit of its own kind of communication. This very day, one can just hear thoses loud, agressive and emotional noise full blazing a trail through our cruel world.

CYBER10 Elektro Sektor IV - Das Electrorock

1. Heart Shaped Hate - Haircuts (2:10)
2. Munlet - Marcapasos Zombie (4:04)
3. Liberty Machine - Real Happiness (4:22)
4. Radio Over Moscow - It's Not Worth The Pain (3:15)
5. Echo No Echo - She's a Radio (3:06)
6. Complex Numbers - КА-52 Аллигатор (3:20)
7. [sv] - The Catalyst (remix) (4:21)
8. BashdByBeauty - Out on the Street (feat. MJ) (1:26)
9. Gunstar Music - The Victorious Counterattack of the Earth (3:52)
10. Otis of Perseus - Live in Amsterdam (4:58)

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